Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giving the people what they want.

This is more or less an UPDATE to a previous series of posts - specifically the last one [HERE] (but the rest of the series can be found HERE, HERE and HERE) wherein I had created and submitted an original piece of artwork featuring ROM : SPACEKNIGHT for the SPACENITE2 fundraiser show / auction to benefit former Marvel writer, Bill Mantlo.

 In the last post of the series (again - [HERE]) I presented my original illustration

... for any and all digital colorists out there to try their hand!

However, I was told by some, in comments and emails that the provided images could and/or should be made larger to enable computer colorists a better canvas with which to work.

So... I got to it (finally) and did so.

Instead of posting the artwork here (and bogging down page loads) I am providing links to my DeviantArt page [HERE] where you can download HUGE versions of not only the "inked" black line-art [HERE], but also the original blue-line pencil art [HERE] (which you can then ink yourself).

THESE are NOT the oversized images.
They're BIG, and the inked one might be large enough for some, but the oversized scans are ONLY available from my DeviantArt page.

Heck, don't have access to computerized coloring software?
Then print it out and grab your box of crayons, if you'd like!
(And you need not feel pressured to "stay in the lines".)

And then, as promised... as an added bonus... after you've colored it... send me a digital copy and I'll showcase them on the SANCTUM SANCTORUM COMIX blog in a future post!
(I'll even set up a cool link-exchange, wherein I link your piece to your own blog or site and you can do the same - thus spreading the internet fanbase network.)

All I insist upon is that you leave my various signatures and website info intact.
Feel free to add your own sigs and web-info below mine in the bottom right corner.
That's cool... and fair.
I even adjusted the size and placement of my sigs in the oversized images to allow more room for your info! 

If you need image reference for all the assorted characters in the illustration, don't fret.
I have provided all of those in the previous post (once again - [HERE]).

So, no excuses. Let's see some colored samples!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

~P~, maybe it's time to show case mine? it might help motivate people once they see at least one initial effort.

~P~ said...

No, no... David.

I don't want to influence anyone by showing them other versions yet.
Sometimes it is best to leave the mental slate clean for fresh interpretation.

Now... if only I could get my own act together and work up a colored version.

Gotta get on that, but so many other projects beckon with more immediacy.

I'll wait awhile for submissions.
I know everyone is busy.

Then... maybe after my planned April ROM mega-post... I'll unveil whatever submissions I've received.

We'll see what happens.

Predabot said...

Cool Ptor! =) I'll do out some of the basic work on the image right now... crossing Midnight that I am... Well, a while ago. It's 3.20 in the morning here!! 0_o

Stay tuned for an all-new coat of paint for your work, man!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey Prdabot, don't keep us in suspense for too long.

Predabot said...

Time is always short, as they say.

But, I can give an update and reveal that the flat colours are done, the colour-holds are mostly done, and I have begun preliminary rendering of shadows and highlights. =)

It's still a long ways off tho', shading always takes a long time.

Gary Martin, Jr. said...

~P~, wanted to let you know that I have collected off the internet a LOT of ROM fan art by pro and non-pro alike over the last while, and your drawing of him versus all his adversaries is hands-down my #1 favorite. I am serious! Is there a chance we’ll get to see a color version soon? Also looking forward to more stuff here along the same lines as the Marvel Team-Up poster; little-known published appearances. Thanks for everything!

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