Friday, February 25, 2011

On The Tickling of Amulets
Are we not drawn onward to new era?

After 11 awe-inspiring years as one of comic's preeminent blog-posters, the peerless, perennial and palindromatic, NeilAlieN is recusing himself from the responsibilities of near-daily link-blogging (as he recounts [HERE]).

Sure, I know he's not planning a total abandonment of his blog, stating that he still has the wish and urge to continue blogging - albeit at a less frequent, more personal capacity, but still... a huge era has just passed.

It was Neil's blog that - lo' those long-ago years - continuously reaffirmed my oft wondering if I could or should set foot in the blogging arena to showcase my mutual admiration for Doctor Strange.

Neil's blog that I found necessary to visit daily (for 11 years!).

Neil's words, example and advice that I keep in my mind when typing my own missives.

As I said, he isn't planning on leaving his pocket dimension totally... but he has left ours slightly emptier for the nonce.

At this time, I am unsure as to what capacity he will resume his activities;
  • a few long-form reviews/essays per month?
  • perhaps some occasional link-love to other, similar essays/thoughts around the web?
  • mayhap, a head's-up to some juicy tidbit of Doctor Strange goodness and/or general comics info and/or presently unknown, unquantifiable abstract, esoteric subject matter?
The possibilities are up to him.

I'd love to be able to step forward and take up some of the slack, but, alas, I, like many in this day and age, am beleaguered by current events, life's weights, responsibilities and fiscal/occupational quagmires.
It is my hope to not have to step down as well... but I feel that a responsibility has been left to me, and I will try to help many of Neilalien's avid readers in what capacity I am able - at least when he is not blogging himself.

Neilalien will return. He is merely bathing himself in the rejuvenating waters of the pool of future endeavor.
I for one, look forward to his return and the "rising and advancing" of his blogger's spirit.

So, not goodbye, but "until we meet again" (and hopefully SOON), Neil.

May the Vishanti watch over thee.
And may your amulet never tickle.


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