Friday, March 18, 2011


Time wears heavily upon my brow...

I've been working "double-shifts" quite a bit as of late.
(F/T hours designing a catalog - as well as art recreations and whatnot - for my most recent ex-employer, and then coming home to put in late hours on freelance projects for my old former job.)

And, while I'm most grateful for the sudden return of work, and the satisfaction of knowing that all the jobs that "let me go" for one reason or other, still desire my abilities and are trying to work things out...

... I am exhausted.

Yet, despite all that, I desperately wanted to blog about any one of SO MANY THINGS that I need to post about here...
However, I need to get some sleep because I'm going away for the weekend, and I KNOW that I'll be expending a ton of energy, since I'll be in the company of my brood-mates and their kids (my nephews - whom I know will insist on a lot of Uncle Ptor's attentions). If I don't get rest a.s.a.p., I fear I may become succeptible to falling ill - just in time for another grueling week.

So, after this brief stint of R-and-R, I'll get to the posts I so eagerly need to discuss here:

- A review of Thunderbolts # 154 & 155. (LOVE!!!)
- Discussions on some circumstances with New Avengers. (ugh)
- A thrashing of Brian Bendis' work with Doctor Strange. (AARRGGHH!!!)
- Original artwork for sale. (Some vintage pin-ups from my time as a comic-artist.)
- A special project that I have wanted to unveil here for MONTHS.

But before all that, I needs me some rest.
So, it is time to cast a sleep spell.

The Mists of Morpheus. 

As written in the Book of the Vishanti - (and the Marvel/TSR Realms of Magic handbook):

This spell creates mists that act like the Vapors — Sleep spell when used on others, but is different when self-induced. When used on himself the mists puts the user in a deep sleep for a few hours that provides all of the sleep requirements necessary for three days of normal activity.
Needless to say this can be dangerous for some mystics as the sleeper is extremely vulnerable to attack.

3-days-worth of sleep.
I'll take it.

"   Vapors of Valtorr --
swirl 'round my brow!
may the Moon's Mists of Morpheus
envelop ME now!  "

I think... it's... working.
I'll be back... anon.
Or anon... from anon.
See... you... then.



Anonymous said...

Bendis couldn't even let Doc get off a complete "Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth" in the last New Avengers. Thrash away!

As for Thunderbolts: that's more like it. Also, looks like Manny will be appearing in an upcoming ep of The Super Hero Squad Show. Somewhere, Steve Gerber is smiling.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

glad to hear that you've got plenty going on to keep you busy ~P~. especially with the way things went down with that last place you worked at but at least it seems in one respect that it ended up being a good connection.

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