Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin go Blog!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just a quick note to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to you all.

*click to embiggen*
Yes, I am reusing this image from last year.
Sorry, but I'm crazy-busy at the moment and recycling is the "green" thing to do.

A HAPPY St. PATRICK's Day to you all!

But keep in
...BURNS at the TOUCH of the MAN-THING!"

As an added bonus, here's a scene of Doctor Strange bellying up to the bar and ordering a Theakston’s Old Peculier.
(from Girl Comics # 3)
If you do drink,
do so responsibly.
Don't drink and drive.

"Tamam Shud!"


Predabot said...

Oh, so you've got Irish blood in your veins then, Ptor? For those of us that are unfamiliar with the traditions, could you perhaps fill us in on how you celebrate it? =)

A bit like what ya' do in your family and such. ( I'd ask why, but that's more a google+wiki thing)

~P~ said...

I'm not of true Irish descent...
Although, isn't EVERYONE Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

However, my wife is.

In recent years, we don't really celebrate it in any other way than any other day. Sadly.
Years past would see me/us with friends in a bar or a party. In our early years of marriage, my wife used to make stuffed cabbage and other Irish culinary delights.

Unfortunately, no special fun or food this year.

Instead, I just dream of greener pastures.

Kev Stevens said...

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