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Each year, on October 11th (the date I started this blog in 2008) I write a recap of all the "very best" of the previous 12-month's content.
I call them my Annual "BEST OF" - BLOGGIVERSARY posts.

This entry is meant to stand as an Index Page for those posts.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The "BEST OF" vol 4: 2011-2012

Hello, my Dear readers!

Somehow, despite a very tough and lean year, I’ve managed to make it to 4 YEARS of producing a fair-to-middling amount of "content" (all of varying quality) for this blog!
(This, on top of the many years - since 1997 - of my being an omni-present commenter/ know-it-all loudmouth on others’ blogs, message boards and random street corners.)  

So, once again, in the vein of anniversary episodes of various television shows or GIANT-SIZED ANNUALS of old, I would, once again, produce a “best of” post - thus revisiting a few of the "high-points" of this past year's blog-post entries.

Disclaimer: What might constitute "High-Points" may differ from person to person. I'm sure we can ALL agree that when the average content level is a mere "meh", anything above snore-inducing is a "high-point".

OK, seriously...
Well... seeing as how I began my official blogging on one random October day, four years ago, any semblance of a calendar-year can be tossed right out the window. So, we will focus on what I blogged from OCTOBER 11, 2011 to OCTOBER 11, 2012.

Feel free to use this opportunity to peruse some of these old posts - whether you have read them already or not, there is actually some really good stuff in here.

Let's see:


As a (primarily) DOCTOR STRANGE blog, I wrote several intensive essays detailing the many aspects of his origin and subsequent treatment by Marvel – for good – or (more usually) ill.

This series examined the biggest, most oft-repeated, erroneous memes that Marvel perpetuates in their handling of Doctor Strange.

(Prelude to Death) – [HERE]
Death # 1 – “Dr. Strange is the ‘Chosen One’.” – [HERE]
Death # 2 – “Dr. Strange is an alcoholic.” – [HERE]
Death # 3 – “Dr. Strange is a modern man.” – [HERE]
Death # 4 – “Dr. Strange has ‘magic powers’.” – [HERE]
Death # 5 – “Dr. Strange, no longer ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ is now the ‘sorcerer substandard’.” – [HERE]

I even tossed in a BONUS 6th entry: “The 6-FINGERED HAND - of EVIL” – which focused on Marvel’s poor treatment of Doc’s foes – [HERE]


There were also other articles and entries to both; long-running series, as well as stand-alone featurettes.

An updated entry, I posted Part 7 (with links to all the previous entries therein) in the “HOUSING CRISIS” series, which was an insanely intensive look into the many times that the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange was destroyed and rebuilt – [HERE]

Next is an add-on entry to the intensive look at all of the romantic interests in the life of Stephen Strange (with a link to the main article included therein) – [HERE]

Not all entries were re-visitations of long-running series. I also had some 1-shot posts.
Like this (thankfully) one-time NSFW reader contest – [HERE]


Interested in collectibles and comic swag? Sure! In fact, that was the main reason for my even starting this blog in the first place! While, sadly, I did not blog all that much about my collection this past year, there were a few nifty entries.

On the subject of comic-themed swag, I (less than) humbly launched my own line of shirts with these posts announcing my first wave of products with my all-original artwork and designs – [HERE]

A bunch of new designs HAVE been worked up but have yet to be officially announced. Look for those soon.

Here’s a post featuring POSTERS and such “GRAVEN IMAGES” – [HERE]

And a truly Strange 2-part entry featuring stuff from the “Marvel Collector’s Club” :
Part 1 (an Audio Play) – [HERE]
Part 2 (stickers, posters, books, cards, Oh MY!) – [HERE]

Let’s not forget my New Year's Day additions to my long-running MARVEL CALENDARS SERIES – [HERE]


And speaking of “New Year’s Day”, while not quite as extensive (or always as serious) as my essays, there are also a bunch of HOLIDAY POSTS wherein I might display a little razzle-dazzle (or a facsimile thereof) for your general enjoyment. (I won’t list them all, but will showcase the best of them here)!

(St. Valentine’s) – MYSTERY DATE - [HERE]
(Ash Wednesday) ASHES TO ASHES - [HERE]
(heck… even INCOME TAX DAY!) - [HERE]


Of course, SOME comic-blog readers actually like to read about... oh, I dunno... comics!
So, here are some crazy, in-depth reviews:

DEFENDERS ( POINT ONE # 1) prelude - [HERE]

DEFENDERS Teaser- Preview of # 1 - [HERE]

IMPROPER FRACTION (taking a dim view of Matt Fraction's interpretation of Doc as a guy who sleeps with his students and more wrong-minded views from his Defenders interviews) - [HERE]

DEFENDERS Issue # 1 - [HERE]
DEFENDERS Issue # 2 - [HERE]
DEFENDERS Issue # 3 - [HERE]
DEFENDERS Issue # 4 - [HERE]

DOCTOR STRANGE: SEASON ONE original graphic novel by Greg Pak and Emma Rios - [HERE]

I take great pride in the depth, fairness and overall quality of my reviews. However, lest anyone think that all of my reviews are negative (or “mean”), let me assure you that is far from the case.
In year’s past I have written GLOWING reviews of some current issues of comics (just ask Jeff Parker or Kieron Gillen), and this past year was not without a positive review of its own (it’s just that the issue in question was quite a bit more… vintage).

“NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION” (review of Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts # 52 by Roger Stern and Marshal Rogers) - [HERE]


And, of course, we here at the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog also have our own "Awards Show", the "SANCTUM AWARDS".

I present "Sancty's" to deserving "Best of" and Worst of" categories of the previous years’ releases (so the 2012 Sancty’s are for 2011 releases).
Sometimes this is the only place where I may discuss certain titles, storylines or collectible products.
Other times, I am revisiting older posts with my votes.
Either way, a thorough overview of the year's official product output is reviewed.
The 2011  SANCTUM AWARDS - can be found - [HERE


And lastly, I submitted for your approval a commission illustration that I drew for a reader/fan/friend with an open invitation for anyone else who may be interested in requesting artwork for themselves…



I would be remiss if I didn't thank the many friends, fans, readers, followers, fellow-bloggers and wonderful souls out there who have helped, inspired, cajoled, cudgeled and commented. Thank You all!

And creators without whom this blog would be about my collection of rare molds, spores and fungus':
- Steve Ditko -
- Jack Kirby -
- Stan Lee -
- Steve Englehart -
- Gene Colan -
- Marshall Rogers -
- J.M. DeMatteis -
- Steve Gerber -
- Dan Green -
- Michael Golden -
- Paul Smith -
- Mike Ploog -
- Dan Adkins -
- Steve Rude -
- Bill Everett - 
- John Byrne -
- Peter Gillis -
-Roger Stern -
- Frank Brunner -
- Kevin Nowlan -
- Chris Warner -
- P. Craig Russell -
- Gerry Conway - 
- Sandy Plunkett -
- Alan Davis –
- Jeff Parker -
- Mike Allred -
- Mark Buckingham -
- Howard Chaykin -
- Kurt Busiek -
- Mike Weiringo -
- Al Milgrom -
- Rudy Nebres -
- Tom Sutton -
- Steve Mellor -
- Ian Akin and Brian Garvey -
- Sal Buscema -
- Bill Mantlo -
and many, many, MANY more!

And that should do it.
Sure, there are a lot more entries - but not all of them are merit-worthy, or while they may be good, are just silly hit-and-run style posts.
Some are to showcase new products or comics that were to be released, and others are tongue-in-cheek bits of whimsy, or tips of the hat to various holidays. 
I have a lot like that - some quick Photoshop, an Action figure or comic scan and what passes for "wit" = a quick blog post.

But if you like that sort of thing, open up the blog-history drop down lists and just jump around.

I'll catch you all in a few.
Provided we don’t all succumb to the Mayan doomsday (or the economic equivalent), and I'm still able to do so, I have lots more planned for YEAR 5!

Join me, wont you?