Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Review of New Avengers v2 # 4 :
Possession is EYE-tenths of the Law.

A "review" of the events in NEW AVENGERS v2 # 1-4.

 Spidey faces the dreaded "Peering Peeper of the Prostate".

Oh... I've put this off for as long as I could.
I've been busy with a lot of personal things (and as such expect an "important" announcement to be made here in a few days) and have been hoping to keep my face out of the spanner/blades equation that is the internet fan-frenzy on stuff like this, wherein a story is not yet completed, and yet everywhere - the fanbase is frothing at the bit, trying to make some semblance of sense of - what seems to be - a poorly written story (at least from a 40 year canonical point of view) dealing with Doctor Strange, the Ancient One and the Eye of Agamotto.

I am not going to write a review of all of the first 4 issues, and the many things that I would normally examine in infinitesimal detail.
  • The ridiculousness of writer Brian Bendis' including little footnotes as to which mystical spells are being used and from which tome they originated (with page numbers and everything).
  • The amazingly drool-worthy artwork of Stuart Immonen.
  • The awesome astral rescue Doc performs to save Ms. Marvel.
  • The whiny-bitch that Daimon Hellstrom is being shown to be.
  • The lack of respect for Doctor Voodoo.
  • The fantastic nature that Dr. S. (and to a lesser extent, Dr. V.) insist that knowledge is the true path to power.
  • The B-S attitude of "the Ancient One".
  • Iron Fist and his drinking of the mystical kool-aid.
  • Wolverine: Apparent "Mystical Crossroads" of the Marvel U.
  • and much much more...

I'd love to, but that way leads to madness.
Instead, I'm only going to deal with the "mystery" surrounding the Eye of Agamotto (and the Ancient One).

Before I start, here are some scans of the last four pages of issue four.
These are pertinent to the subject at hand.
*So...y'know... SPOILER ALERT*

Everyone still with me?

*click pics to make Supreme Sized*

It seems that every review I have read online takes the dialogue as written - at face value.
I don't think that should be the case.

It's hard to do in a static form like comics, but I think there is a "layers behind layers" bit going on with what Iron Fist and Dr Strange are saying.

Look at Strange's face in the next-to-last page.
He is skeptical - not "guilty-looking" (as others online have written).
Strange is savvy enough to know that what is being said isn't as important as what isn't being said.
There is deception at work here.
When Iron Fist asks; flat-out - WHO the Eye "belongs" to, he is basically leading the answer.
He (and the entity behind this) could be deliberately phrasing the question so that the answer is "AGAMOTTO" - even though, Doc really SHOULD say; "Well, the Eye chose Jericho Drumm to be its wielder, so... it belongs with him".
(Of course, even back during the events wherein the Eye chose Jericho Drumm, Doctor Strange stated that this sort of thing had never happened before... so, aside from Bendis' usual "making stuff up to fit his stories", it could be that perhaps things aren't what they appear to be with the Eye.)

Also, check out the almost casually thrown-away line, also on that third scanned page, where after Iron Fist states that he spoke with the Ancient One, Doc asks; "The Ancient One came to you?"... "IN WHAT FORM?"
In what form, indeed.
That might lend a clue as to what is going on.
Since the Ancient One passed on, and is now "one with all there is", why would he be in a "physical" form?
And what was the deal with his glowing cane?
That seemed a bit ostentatious and obvious.
Of course, it could just be a "piece of flair" that artist Stuart Immonen tossed in to make it look even more visually interesting, but I'm one who is inclined to "see" clues in things like that.

Actually, speaking of clues, a multitude of clues could be hidden on that same "next-to-last" page, as while Iron Fist rants about "ownership" of the Eye, Doctor Voodoo looks on intently.
I mean, it IS his eye now, right?
Words and names are (usually) very important in magic.
Perhaps to NAME an owner outright, would cause some kind of "spell" to take effect.

If Doc said "Doctor Voodoo is now rightful owner" than maybe that would cause a domino-effect that could cause some other dilemma, since Voodoo isn't a true acolyte of the Vishanti, of whom Agamotto is one-third.
If Doc said "It is AGAMOTTO's Eye", then it would shift back to him/it.

Heck, maybe another illusion is being perpetrated and that isn't even IRON FIST at all!
Maybe that is the adversary in disguise!

I don't know.
All I can say is that something deeper seems to be afoot.

I am saying here (as I did on other forums elsewhere on the interwebs) that in MY opinion (and I have been known to be wrong) AGAMOTTO wants his eye back and simply can NOT take it unless it is surrendered.

I know that others believe that Agamotto can simply take back what is his, but I say that is probably not the case.
The same would go for anyone of us as well.
You give something of value to someone.
You can not simply just take it back.
If you LOAN someone something (which, really the Eye can be seen to be a "loaner" from Agamotto), then you usually need to ASK for it back as well.
Can you take it back? Well, yes. But that isn't the right way to do so.
The rules of etiquette are that you should ask for it back.
"Hey, Jimmy... y'know that thingamabob I loaned you? Well, I kinda need it. If it's ok with you, I'd like to get it back soon. OK? Thanks."

That's how it is done.

Even "U.S. Law" states that "possession is 9/10th of the law" and the one who HOLDS the item has the rights of it, even if it doesn't belong to them.
So, who is to say that MYSTICAL LAW isn't just as strong (if not stronger)?

That's not unheard of; even Vampires need to ask permission to enter a dwelling place. That could be seen as a part of the rules of mysticism.

The Eye has been given - handed down - from one Sorcerer Supreme to the next - STARTING with Agamotto (the 1st S.S.).
One can not simply take back what is given.
One may ASK for it back, or in the case of Agamotto, employ illusions to trick others into giving it up.

While I have NO idea what the heck the deal was in the first 3 issues, with the possession of physical bodies and the teleportation of Iron Fist (with the supposed rationalizing that it would be ok for him to be killed in doing so - which he did not, due to his mystical protection - much to the disembodied voices' surprise), but that aside, I believe that it is Agamotto.

The only time in comics canon that he ever reclaimed one of his "eyes" (the ORB of Agamotto) was after Strange attempted to destroy it to prevent the other-worldly "Urthona" from taking possession of it and all of Strange's other artifacts.

Doc thought it best to destroy such powerful items rather than let them fall into the hands of an evil sorcerer.
However, Agamotto sensed this and whisked the Orb and all the other items away to himself.
He later gave it back to Strange (interestingly enough, only after Doc threatened to destroy Agamotto's best-version, personal "Orb"; the "Omni-Visor"- aka; his Hookah).

So, it is with this sequence of history that we hope Bendis will play:

- Ancient One gives Strange the Eye after Doc beats Dormammu the 1st time.
- Strange Tales v1 # 127

- Doc keeps the Eye for many years - despite the many attempts of others to take it (Silver Dagger chief among them. See Dr. Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 1 - 5.)

(- Doc tries to destroy an Eye (the Orb) to keep it away from Urthona.
- Dr. Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 81)

(- Agamotto secretly retrieves it.)

(- Agamotto later gives it back to Strange. - Dr. Strange; Sorcerer Supreme # 7)

- Strange keeps the Eye until he performs dark magic (actually, he did this three times):
  • 1) During Strange Tales v2 - when he's forced to use the "Wings of Needless Sorrow".
  • 2) During "The ORDER" - when he's relegated to using the "Star of Capistan".
  • 3) After the events of New Avengers Annual # 2 - which led to his giving up the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

- The HOOD and DORMAMMU actively seek to gain the Eye.
- New Avengers v1 # 51 - 54

- The Eye (and Agamotto / Ancient One) seeks out a NEW S.S. - finding it in Brother Voodoo.
- New Avengers v1 # 53

- Hood/ Dormammu are defeated by Strange, Voodoo and Hellstorm.
- New Avengers v1 # 54

- SOMEONE finally decides it is time to get the Eye back.
- New Avengers v2 # 1 - 4 (and more issues to come)

Now - as the the WHY... I have NO idea.
Maybe Agamotto just wants it.
He could see that maybe it's too powerful a "weapon" to be on Earth with the mystic upheavals going on, and decided that it would be best not to leave it as a tempting bauble for evil entities to try to plunder.

Does that make any sense?
Well, no.
Not if you keep the 40+ years of Strange mythos in mind.

But, there may be NEW turn of events going on that would predicate new reasoning.

Sure, it's basically just Bendis and Quesada effing with the "rules" of magic, but they were going to do SOMETHING to "fix" it... looks like this is all part of "the plan".

Could it be someone pretending to be the Ancient One?
Well... that's my theory - and see my first "footnoted" Tangent below.
If that is the case, then it could be any number of baddies.
But none moreso than the one whom I speak of in that tangent.

Either way, it would make the MOST sense for Doc to use the Eye in its primary function and use it to REVEAL THE TRUTH!
Shine its lights on "the Ancient One" and see what is going on here.


Of course, this all could be meant to be read JUST as it is written;
Strange needs to be taken down a peg.
Magic needs rules.
The biggest magic "gun" is the Eye, so take it off the board.

Since, as I already posted [HERE], Doctor Strange is to be featured in an upcoming HULK storyline, dressed as he is now, in raincoat and civvies, we know he isn't getting the Eye back any time soon.

Whether there will even BE a titular "Sorcerer Supreme" is up in the air.
Could Doctor Voodoo die and Doc become the default "Master of the Mystic Arts" and continue to safeguard the Earth-dimension while in a de-powered state?
Well... sure.

It's also a matter of record (online - you can find it easily) that Bendis is using a tip from a fellow writer (Ed Brubaker, if I recall?) to use Stephen Strange as a plain-clothed kung-fu mystic.

That might be the default setting for Doctor Strange for the near future.

Sadly, all I can say is... we have to WAIT and SEE what the EYE shows us to be the TRUTH.

 Tangent, the 1st:

Now, allow me to posit a brief "wish" on this story...
The Ancient One isn't acting "in character".
Not his "good" natured character anyway...
But... he could be exhibiting a facet of a darker manifestation... one that inevitably caused Doctor Strange to be forced to slay his master in the first place (waaaay back in Marvel Premiere # 10).
The reason for the Ancient One's dark tendancies?
He was possessed by SHUMA GORATH!
If there is anything right in this world, it will be revealed that this so-called "Ancient One" is nothing more than another attempt to gain access to our world by Shuma Gorath (but by hiding behind the facade of Dr. Strange's former master).

Tangent the 2nd:

Another wish?
There have been a lot of comics and events at Marvel as of late, in which mystical upheavals are occurring in much more frequent procession than "normal".
To name but a few:

- The X-Men's dealing with Vampires
- New Mutants' battles in Limbo.
- Asgard's fall and the events that spiral out of that.
- Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting in the dark "cancerverse".

With more on the horizon (if Previews and other advance sources are any indication).
So, maybe.... just maybe, the forshadowed "Hell War" that was teased for several years in many Marvel books from 2004 - 2007 (Knights 4, Nightcrawler, Spectacular Spider-Man v2... basically anything written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa) will soon come to pass.
While this New Avengers story won't be the start of a major mystical "event", perhaps it is more seeds being planted to produce that dark fruit.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That 70's Show : Enter... DR. STRANGE !
Doc and Spider-Man -vs- Ashton Kutcher - in bed!

I've posted several entries of Dr. Strange being featured, in one way or other, on various TV shows (cartoons, news shows, teen angst shows, etc...) and today I have another to add to that list.

On an episode of THAT 70's SHOW, the character "Michael Kelso", played by Ashton Kutcher, is holding a comic book while talking with his friends.

That comic book featured a guest-starring role by Doctor Strange and he is also featured on the cover.

Before I give it away, I'll show the clip so you can check it out for yourself.
(I'll show JUST the few seconds where the comic is featured - so FOX lawyers, cut me some slack. I promise to totally make it worth your while at the end of this post.)

Ahhhhh!!!!... Did you see how he man-handled that comic?
The episode should have had an "parental guidance" tag for "Violence against Comics"!

The comic in question was AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 109 from 1972.

Strangely enough, they could just as easily used an issue of the reprinted version in MARVEL TALES # 88 from February 1978!

That would still be correct from a continuity standpoint, since the show takes place after the release of Star Wars in 1977 (as evidenced by all the Star Wars mania of Eric Foreman - as played by Topher Grace).

Such a swap would have been especially good because, while the original John Romita Sr. cover is nice, it fails in one major design aspect by having a major character with his BACK facing the reader!
The Marvel Tales version is "corrected", (albeit poorly,) so that Dr. Strange is now front-facing.

Besides, a copy of Marvel Tales # 88 would have been a much cheaper find and would be more acceptable for the kind of rough treatment given by Kutcher/Kelso.
...I'm just saying.

For those of you who came here while searching for some "sexy" images of Ashton Kutcher on a bed (that should bump up the google-search engine tally) here ya go:

That's the male version of a similar scene I featured  with Megan Fox lying half-naked while reading an issue of Doctor Strange (pic [HERE]).


Hey, FOX legal department! Here's some "pay for play" for letting me use that clip:

That episode; "Who Are You?" is episode # 15 from Season 6 and can be purchased from this very blog (via AMAZON)!
So, hey readers... support your 70's flashbacks with more than just weed and old comics... buy a DVD boxed set today!

"Tamam Shud!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While there is much fretting and gnashing of teeth about what is transpiring with Doctor Strange in the Pages of NEW AVENGERS (and Amazing Spider-Man, and soon to be The "Adjectiveless" AVENGERS), the future of Doctor Strange seems to be fairly secure.
(A soon-to-be-posted blog post WILL deal with the events of NEW AVENGERS and the like...)

While not a return to his former levels of glory and power, Doc IS to be featured in an upcoming story arc in the INCREDIBLE HULK(S) title.

Doc seems to be gathering the HULKS to battle some otherworldly force.
According to various sources, writer Greg Pak has stated that he had this planned for awhile - starting in HULKS # 618.

Artwork preview proves it (from CBR - HERE).
Scroll down on page to see unlettered art.
Doc is levitating, in his new casual coat and casting spells with giant monster behind him.
(Or, y'know, just check it out here.)

Dr. Strange... and "friend". (Space Hulk?)

Doc seems to be keeping the "casual, yet Strange" apparel choice.

Perhaps, however, seeing as Doc appears to be in his astral form, maybe he IS "killed" off in Avengers and his spirit is being drained of energies by this "Space Hulk", and Doc then needs to summon the "Earth Hulks" to battle it and save him from being an Energy Drink for this monster.

I have no idea. I really can't say.

However, I can say that artist, Paul Pelletier draws Doc looking pretty gruff and bulky.
I thought it was Thunderbolt Ross at first.
Perhaps Pellatier is taking a visual cue from the way Doc was portrayed in the DOCTOR VOODOO mini.
(Yes... I WILL finish that review post. Sorry. I've been really busy.)

Speaking of Doctor Voodoo...
As an added bonus, go to the end of the CBR article, and see the giant time-line map from Avengers.

Check out Tony Stark's "Stark Future" time-line (which bears a remarkable likeness to the blackboard scribbled on by DC's Rip Hunter in the epic "52" - as seen HERE).
Noted in a scribble are the words: "The Drumm of Revenge".
Note the spelling "Drumm". Methinks Jericho Drumm (aka; Doctor Voodoo) is about to get angry about something soon.

Or, you can take a quick look at it here (I circled the DRUMM part in RED) .

You can never re-fold one of these maps once you've unfolded it all the way.

So, there are a few teasers of what is to come.
Doc = chillin' out in space with the Hulks.
Voodoo = may need to sign up for anger management.

We'll see.

"Tamam Shud!"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a bit of a time/space filler today.
Regardless, these are still some real goodies to share with everyone.

No long ramble this time. I'll just show you a few things I found online while I should be doing more important stuff.

Animated gifs of some of my favorite characters!

DOCTOR STRANGE mugen sprite gif

MAN-THING mugen sprite gif

ROM SPACEKNIGHT mugen sprite gif

SHUMA GORATH mugen sprite gif
SCARLET WITCH mugen sprite gif


 LOBO the DUCK mugen sprite gif


OK, LOBO the DUCK is really nobody's favorite, but seeing as he's part of the Amalgam Universe and is a mash-up between LOBO and HOWARD the DUCK, I'd say he's pretty damn awesome.
Plus, just LOOK at him! Sweet!

These are all animated gifs, sometimes called "sprites", many of which were created by talented gamers and coders for use in what is known as "M.U.G.E.N." (or just MUGEN), which is a freeware version of typical 2-D sidescrolling fighting style video games.

Many of these sprites are 100% original works, while most are based off of some form of template - either a generic template or based on figures already created and adjusted to look more like the new character desired.

For instance, Doctor Strange up top is based on a Magneto template with some adaptations and tweaks here and there (Spider-Man hand, for instance).

The popularity of the CAPCOM style fighting game seems to be what started this trend, especially the MARVEL vs CAPCOM games (as I blogged about once earlier [HERE]).

Allow me to give some props to the coders who made these.

I TRULY wish I could acknowledge the ROM animator, but I found that one a few years back and can't seem to locate it online any more to find the creator's name.

From what I can tell, here are the creators of the others:

Dr Strange by SPOOKY77 - info on his process [HERE]
Man-Thing by "ledernieraztlan"
Shuma Gorath by "sludge" - more of it [HERE] (registration required)
Scarlet Witch by "Warecus" and "ZVitor"
Lobo Duck by "sic-1"

Anyway, it's fairly easy to find things like this online.
I've found a bunch of posed and moves of Shuma Gorath, BlackHeart and Dr Doom from the actual Marvel vs Capcom games, but since those are probably copyrighted intellectual properties of big corporate entities - I'm not posting them here.

Enjoy the gif(t)s!

Monday, September 6, 2010

LABOR DAY - Ain't Nothing WONG About It.

Today, here in America, is LABOR DAY.
A day created to give hard-working people an official day off.

Yet, not only are real flesh and blood people hard-working, but also those of the 4-color variety.
None more so than Dr. Strange's loyal "man-servant" (although, due to a more P.C. age, that was dropped and now they're no longer "master" and "servant" but friends and colleagues).

Problem is, even though I looked for awhile to FIND a panel where Wong is told to take time off (I found a few), NONE of those issues showed him actually DOING SO.
(well, I found a couple - sorta - of Wong kicking back, maybe playing video games with the Ancient One *, but only in such alternative universe issues. None that I could find while doing a relatively quick -yet thorough - search in the "616" universe.)

So, here's a little cut-and-paste play having Doc give Wong the day off.

OK... hold on right there.
Here Dr. Strange has basically given Wong a free pass to go and "have fun" with Sara Wolfe (Doc's then business secretary) but Wong won't go.**
Wong, I gotta ask... what the hell, man?!
Go. Take the day off. ENJOY yourself.
I know I would.

Well, that's fine. A reasonable argument.
I respect that you're such a hard and dedicated worker.
However, Doc doesn't want you to serve him today.
If it's not too much to ask, could you help me out around here a little?

Awesome. Thanks.
Green Tea, please... and maybe some of those dry cookies... the little green bean cakes I love so much?

Yeah, THOSE are the ones... thanks.
Green Bean cookies from Taiwan.
Mmmmmmmm... my favorite! ***

Thank you, Wong.
But, y'know, cut out that "Master" stuff.
It's not really appropriate.
...kind of creeps me out a little.


I apologize for this silly bit of bloggery.
Initially, I was just going to post ONE pic of WONG and say "Have a nice Labor Day", but then found that I couldn't find one of him just relaxing, which started this whole mess.
Then, by the time I got really involved with it, it was very late at night and my brain was making no sense at all, so that's why we have this.

Anyway, this entire post was originally inspired by THIS pic:

Taken from the 1980 Marvel calendar - from the page for September as seen here:

And blogged about in an extensive post [HERE].

So. Now I've got to go get some stuff done around here.
I don't get the day off this year. And even if I had a job to be off FROM, it wouldn't get me out of house work.

Enjoy the day people!


* - footnote # 1

The issue in question is an "All ages" story (blogged about [HERE]) where Strange's aged mentor is seen "kickin' it" in the Sanctum and learning to play the X-Box with a young, hip, ponytailed friend; "Jason Wong".

Obviously, it's meant to be WONG, but it was too far removed from the "real" Wong to be of any use to me here.


** - footnote # 2

Well, to be fair, the real reason that Wong won't go out on a date with Sara is that he was already "engaged" to another - via a pre-arranged marriage as that storyline was unfolding.
Imei Chang, Wong's former betrothed,
is long dead now, so Wong should REALLY go call Sara and hook up.


*** - footnote # 3
No. Really. Those are my favorite cookies, but can only be scored from Taiwan (or maybe an Asian marketplace).
My best friend lives there now and every year or so he sends me some.
I wish there were a way to order them direct.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

- Supplemental Entry #2


Welcome once again, as we go back to the very roots of this blog's original purpose and showcase some more swag in my Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection.

With "Back-to-School" season upon us, I'll be showcasing some hip, cool gear (kids don't say "hip" or "cool" or call clothes "gear" anymore, old man) to keep the kidz (or spell things with a "z" either, you geezer) looking "groovy" (ugh - I am old. "whatev").

This time we are revisiting - and ADDING to - a series of posts from October of 2009, wherein I catalogued my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!
(HATS! T-SHIRTS! TIES! SKIVVIES!...yes, really... I showed you my "underwear". Don't get excited. I wasn't wearing them) .

Today, I've 6 new (and not so new) T-shirts to add to the series.

With the backlog of stuff I've been doing around here, these shirts have been coming one in every few months or so, and I waited until I had enough of them to showcase.
So let's go!



Today's installment adds to several of the previous entries - and they will be added to those pages as well as being featured here.

THREE of these new garments are to be included in the
- part 3 : TEAM-UP APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS installment.

TWO of these shirts belong in the
- part 4 : THE "OTHERS" / "6-DIMENSIONS" T-SHIRTS heading.

And ONE is a totally bizarre and insanely rare addition to the


First up - the three "TEAM-UP" entries:

Each of these three new shirts are from MAD ENGINE (one of many Marvel license-holders these days) and feature mass groupings of Marvel comics' Super-Heroes - including DR STRANGE.

The first, from 2007 is a reproduction of the 2-cover diptych image from 2007's New Avengers v1 # 27 (1:100 variant) and Mighty Avengers # 1 (1:100 variant).

Art by Leinil Yu

Image detail showing Doctor Strange - behind Wolverine.
(How wrong is it that ONLY Wolverine is in color.
Not even Spider-Man.
Although, Spidey is in his black costume so maybe he IS in color...).

Here are the original comic covers.

The full image would also be used as a full-color poster - allowing everyone and not just Wolverine to be given the limelight.


Also from Mad Engine in 2007 is this image by John Romita Jr., taken from the cover to WORLD WAR HULK : Prologue.

What? Can't see Doc? Check out one of the bodies at Hulk's feet.
Here's a close-up (highlight circle added by me).

Momma say; "Knock Doc Out!"
or should that be; "Mamma say; "Doc, You Out!"

This was the cover to the issue in question.

However, in typical "not-easy-being-a-Dr.Strange-fan" fashion, the UPC code box covered Strange on the cover.
Luckily, there was a promotional poster and card for this event - that didn't obscure the good Doctor.


Next up from 2008, again from Mad Engine is this cover image to New Avengers v1 # 42.

Can't see Doctor Strange? Look down to the bottom left of the image
(bottom right of the shirt).
See that EAR and bit of the side of his head?
(Yes. I got it even with such a small bit of an appearance. Such is the power of the magic monkey on my back. Quiet you. Don't judge me.)

While Strange is shown even less on the actual comic cover of New Avengers v1 # 42 (although for a promotional ad, he was more plainly visible) I knew it was him - because as this cover image should look familiar to old-school Avengers fans, it is the "Skrullification" of the cover to Avengers v1 # 221.

ROM was replaced with Jocasta in the modern version.
*SPOILER* Hawkeye and She-Hulk are the winners.

So, to recap, if you put Dr. Strange's left ear on a shirt, I will obviously buy one.


Next up - the two"6-Dimensions/Others" entries:

From licensee, JUNK FOOD this shirt, released in 2009 is a reprinting of the cover to the old "Bring On The Bad Guys" book, released by Fireside publications waaaay back in 1976 and featuring some amazing artwork by John Romita (senior).

Featuring DORMAMMU, MEPHISTO and DR. DOOM (and even LOKI) this was a must have for my collection.

I'm not evil, I just dress that way.

The original publication cover is here in all its kick-ass glory.

Someone needs to get this whole thing tattooed on their back.
Not me though. I'm just sayin'. Someone needs to.


This next one, from COMIC IMAGES in 1993 is one of the freakiest, most garish shirts in my collection (and that includes my Hawaiian-themed shirts)! Honestly, it was tough talking myself into buying this one. However, the fact that there's a Dr. Strange logo on it (bottom center) was the writing on the wall... or in this case, shirt. It was a "fait accompli".

Looks like it was made out of kiddie bed-sheets.

Let's move on. The less said about this one, the better.


Finally - the one "SOLO appearance" entry:

Last, but certainly not least is this nearly one-of-a-kind shirt from
MARVEL CHARACTERS (in-house) - 1996

I say "nearly-one-of-a-kind" because, as you'll soon understand, there were probably several of these made, but not many (if any) others are around today.

It was printed "in-house" at Marvel (or at least directly FOR Marvel, perhaps by one of their licensees, like Comic Images) for the express purpose of being the OFFICIAL shirt worn at the Marvel company PICNIC in 1996!

Wait!? What the heck is THAT?!?
OK. That's a tongue-in-cheek version of "EGO - the Living Planet" on the front depicted as "Ego - The Living PICNIC". Check it out.

Although, THIS is what EGO really looks like.

But that's not WHY it's in my collection. Oh, Heavens, No.
I have it because what is on the BACK of the shirt is this image...

"By the Salaminous Buns of Poupon!"
DOCTOR STRANGE conjuring forth some eats while wearing a Bar-B-Que bib!

"I want a hamburger... no, cheeseburger. I want a hot dog..."

The artwork for this shirt is obviously done specifically FOR this occasion by artist KELLEY JONES. His style is unmistakable.
It is odd that Jones would have drawn this since, by 1996 he was almost exclusively working for DC, only drawing a few Ultraverse and Marvel / Malibu crossovers as well as a few Marvel covers here and there.

What is also odd is that Strange is shown in his traditional garb (bib, notwithstanding) instead of the "new romantic" look he had at the time, as evidenced by the t-shirts released at that time (as previously seen in - Part 2 - of this series).

Stranger yet is that by summer of 1996 Doctor Strange's title had just been canceled!
Here was a character without a home, so to speak, so, I guess it made sense for him to be hanging out in Central Park grubbing food from Marvel bullpenners.

This has to be one of, if not THE rarest shirts in my collection.
(Thanks to fellow Dr. Strange uber-fan Howard Hallis for directing me towards it and letting me swoop in for the acquisition.)
While I think the rarest garment in my collection is still the never-released Dr. Strange baseball cap (found in part 1 of this series), and I do have some other very rare shirts (shown elsewhere in this series), this shirt has got to be within an insane ratio of being impossible-to-find.

But, my job is to find something that beats it.
Or at the very least, has Doc's earlobe on it.


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"Tamam Shud!"