Tuesday, September 21, 2010


While there is much fretting and gnashing of teeth about what is transpiring with Doctor Strange in the Pages of NEW AVENGERS (and Amazing Spider-Man, and soon to be The "Adjectiveless" AVENGERS), the future of Doctor Strange seems to be fairly secure.
(A soon-to-be-posted blog post WILL deal with the events of NEW AVENGERS and the like...)

While not a return to his former levels of glory and power, Doc IS to be featured in an upcoming story arc in the INCREDIBLE HULK(S) title.

Doc seems to be gathering the HULKS to battle some otherworldly force.
According to various sources, writer Greg Pak has stated that he had this planned for awhile - starting in HULKS # 618.

Artwork preview proves it (from CBR - HERE).
Scroll down on page to see unlettered art.
Doc is levitating, in his new casual coat and casting spells with giant monster behind him.
(Or, y'know, just check it out here.)

Dr. Strange... and "friend". (Space Hulk?)

Doc seems to be keeping the "casual, yet Strange" apparel choice.

Perhaps, however, seeing as Doc appears to be in his astral form, maybe he IS "killed" off in Avengers and his spirit is being drained of energies by this "Space Hulk", and Doc then needs to summon the "Earth Hulks" to battle it and save him from being an Energy Drink for this monster.

I have no idea. I really can't say.

However, I can say that artist, Paul Pelletier draws Doc looking pretty gruff and bulky.
I thought it was Thunderbolt Ross at first.
Perhaps Pellatier is taking a visual cue from the way Doc was portrayed in the DOCTOR VOODOO mini.
(Yes... I WILL finish that review post. Sorry. I've been really busy.)

Speaking of Doctor Voodoo...
As an added bonus, go to the end of the CBR article, and see the giant time-line map from Avengers.

Check out Tony Stark's "Stark Future" time-line (which bears a remarkable likeness to the blackboard scribbled on by DC's Rip Hunter in the epic "52" - as seen HERE).
Noted in a scribble are the words: "The Drumm of Revenge".
Note the spelling "Drumm". Methinks Jericho Drumm (aka; Doctor Voodoo) is about to get angry about something soon.

Or, you can take a quick look at it here (I circled the DRUMM part in RED) .

You can never re-fold one of these maps once you've unfolded it all the way.

So, there are a few teasers of what is to come.
Doc = chillin' out in space with the Hulks.
Voodoo = may need to sign up for anger management.

We'll see.

"Tamam Shud!"


Mario said...

Looks more to me like Doc is either being drained or controlled like a puppet.

mike said...

well, i've been getting Thunderbolts each month (love it right now), but i get both hulk titles for my son, so i'll get to see Doc when we read those issues together!

~P~ said...


Yes, I saw the "puppet on a string" aspect as well, but since Doc isn't actually DOING anything, I felt it was more of a "draining" (as you also noted).

That was why I wrote; "...his spirit is being drained of energies by this 'Space Hulk".

Of course, it could be the other way around, where the "Space Hulk" is drawing energies to itself (going into its back) and is pumping them INTO Doc - who looks quite uncomfortable.

Not enough to go on as of yet.
As much as I hate to say it.. we'll have to "wait and see".

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.
It is always appreciated.


Mario said...

Speedread too fast again... sorry.

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Ne Avengers and Doctor Voodoo. I've spoken on both on the CBR boards, but they tend to get lost in the noise.

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