Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a bit of a time/space filler today.
Regardless, these are still some real goodies to share with everyone.

No long ramble this time. I'll just show you a few things I found online while I should be doing more important stuff.

Animated gifs of some of my favorite characters!

DOCTOR STRANGE mugen sprite gif

MAN-THING mugen sprite gif

ROM SPACEKNIGHT mugen sprite gif

SHUMA GORATH mugen sprite gif
SCARLET WITCH mugen sprite gif


 LOBO the DUCK mugen sprite gif


OK, LOBO the DUCK is really nobody's favorite, but seeing as he's part of the Amalgam Universe and is a mash-up between LOBO and HOWARD the DUCK, I'd say he's pretty damn awesome.
Plus, just LOOK at him! Sweet!

These are all animated gifs, sometimes called "sprites", many of which were created by talented gamers and coders for use in what is known as "M.U.G.E.N." (or just MUGEN), which is a freeware version of typical 2-D sidescrolling fighting style video games.

Many of these sprites are 100% original works, while most are based off of some form of template - either a generic template or based on figures already created and adjusted to look more like the new character desired.

For instance, Doctor Strange up top is based on a Magneto template with some adaptations and tweaks here and there (Spider-Man hand, for instance).

The popularity of the CAPCOM style fighting game seems to be what started this trend, especially the MARVEL vs CAPCOM games (as I blogged about once earlier [HERE]).

Allow me to give some props to the coders who made these.

I TRULY wish I could acknowledge the ROM animator, but I found that one a few years back and can't seem to locate it online any more to find the creator's name.

From what I can tell, here are the creators of the others:

Dr Strange by SPOOKY77 - info on his process [HERE]
Man-Thing by "ledernieraztlan"
Shuma Gorath by "sludge" - more of it [HERE] (registration required)
Scarlet Witch by "Warecus" and "ZVitor"
Lobo Duck by "sic-1"

Anyway, it's fairly easy to find things like this online.
I've found a bunch of posed and moves of Shuma Gorath, BlackHeart and Dr Doom from the actual Marvel vs Capcom games, but since those are probably copyrighted intellectual properties of big corporate entities - I'm not posting them here.

Enjoy the gif(t)s!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Those are too cool! i love the way ROM's neutralizer materializes and fires. and i like how Shuma Gorath's movements are so fluid. Too bad Man-Thing is so dark. it's kinda hard to make out the details on that one.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Hey P, my latest blog post should be right up your ally. It has to do with a glaring over site made by the comics code authority on ROM 41 which as you know is the first time ROM & Dr. Strange teamed up. it's a real hoot bro!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

man! i can't believe nobody else out there has commented your cool Gifs P. i shared your blog with a couple of other people who liked it. thanks for leaving that funny comment by the way it seems like you found today's posting amusing.
i came across this dude's blog from New Zealand you should check out. he does have a little bit of some ROM stuff but in general his blog casts a wide net over the whole sci-fi - comic book genre. he's got some really unique stuff on his blog including a rendition of Batman in Gathom City done in a Van Gogh like style of one of his most famous works "Starry Night".
as a fellow artist you should dig this. by the way P, thanks for being a ROM fan who's not a dick.

~P~ said...

Could ANYONE who loves Rom possibly NOT be an awesome person?

I think not.

But thanks for the kind words, nevertheless.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well i think their are some ROM fans out there who are not so awesome. but you, Siskoid and Dan are among those who are awesome. my latest blog entry is about a ROM zero issue concept you might find interesting.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

by the way i've been meaning to tell you ~P~, the ROM series was my first real introduction to the Dr. Strange character. One of the things i liked about Dr. Strange was how he shared that sense of nobility with ROM. i once came across an issue of DR. Strange in which he fought Morbius (the living vampire) hand to hand. i thought that was so cool how he is willing to roll up his sleeves and throw down from time to time.
i used to pick up Man-Thing issues now and then because i liked the whole mystery and intrigue of the story lines and in general the creature was just so cool looking. i once had an issue where the Man-Thing goes up against some racist cop who's hunting a black guy that turns out to not exactly be a saint himself.

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