Monday, September 6, 2010

LABOR DAY - Ain't Nothing WONG About It.

Today, here in America, is LABOR DAY.
A day created to give hard-working people an official day off.

Yet, not only are real flesh and blood people hard-working, but also those of the 4-color variety.
None more so than Dr. Strange's loyal "man-servant" (although, due to a more P.C. age, that was dropped and now they're no longer "master" and "servant" but friends and colleagues).

Problem is, even though I looked for awhile to FIND a panel where Wong is told to take time off (I found a few), NONE of those issues showed him actually DOING SO.
(well, I found a couple - sorta - of Wong kicking back, maybe playing video games with the Ancient One *, but only in such alternative universe issues. None that I could find while doing a relatively quick -yet thorough - search in the "616" universe.)

So, here's a little cut-and-paste play having Doc give Wong the day off.

OK... hold on right there.
Here Dr. Strange has basically given Wong a free pass to go and "have fun" with Sara Wolfe (Doc's then business secretary) but Wong won't go.**
Wong, I gotta ask... what the hell, man?!
Go. Take the day off. ENJOY yourself.
I know I would.

Well, that's fine. A reasonable argument.
I respect that you're such a hard and dedicated worker.
However, Doc doesn't want you to serve him today.
If it's not too much to ask, could you help me out around here a little?

Awesome. Thanks.
Green Tea, please... and maybe some of those dry cookies... the little green bean cakes I love so much?

Yeah, THOSE are the ones... thanks.
Green Bean cookies from Taiwan.
Mmmmmmmm... my favorite! ***

Thank you, Wong.
But, y'know, cut out that "Master" stuff.
It's not really appropriate.
...kind of creeps me out a little.


I apologize for this silly bit of bloggery.
Initially, I was just going to post ONE pic of WONG and say "Have a nice Labor Day", but then found that I couldn't find one of him just relaxing, which started this whole mess.
Then, by the time I got really involved with it, it was very late at night and my brain was making no sense at all, so that's why we have this.

Anyway, this entire post was originally inspired by THIS pic:

Taken from the 1980 Marvel calendar - from the page for September as seen here:

And blogged about in an extensive post [HERE].

So. Now I've got to go get some stuff done around here.
I don't get the day off this year. And even if I had a job to be off FROM, it wouldn't get me out of house work.

Enjoy the day people!


* - footnote # 1

The issue in question is an "All ages" story (blogged about [HERE]) where Strange's aged mentor is seen "kickin' it" in the Sanctum and learning to play the X-Box with a young, hip, ponytailed friend; "Jason Wong".

Obviously, it's meant to be WONG, but it was too far removed from the "real" Wong to be of any use to me here.


** - footnote # 2

Well, to be fair, the real reason that Wong won't go out on a date with Sara is that he was already "engaged" to another - via a pre-arranged marriage as that storyline was unfolding.
Imei Chang, Wong's former betrothed,
is long dead now, so Wong should REALLY go call Sara and hook up.


*** - footnote # 3
No. Really. Those are my favorite cookies, but can only be scored from Taiwan (or maybe an Asian marketplace).
My best friend lives there now and every year or so he sends me some.
I wish there were a way to order them direct.


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