Saturday, February 7, 2009

a ROM in the White House.

As seen in yesterday's CHICAGO TRIBUNE newspaper:
RAHM Emanuel -VS- ROM : Spaceknight

*click to summon a larger image from subspace*

Written by Christopher Borrelli (mild mannered Tribune Reporter - and possible comic-book geek) this 3/4-page "tale of the tape" side-by-side comparison of the new White House Chief-of-Staff and the Silver Spaceknight is a tongue-in-cheek fluff piece.

Still... it's FREAKIN' ROM! In a Major Metropolitan Newspaper!

Found on the "Phoning It In" blog. - check 'em out HERE.

Still, even this joking reference bodes better than the LAST time ROM was even near the U.S. capitol.

Rom # 10 - cover art by Michael Golden
(image ganked from the Grand Comics Database)

blogger's note: I 'm normally hesitant to post something that another blogger already has, but;
- A major newspaper originated the content.
- I allowed a full day for the first blogger to have the exclusive.
- ROM is a major cornerstone of this blog.
- I'm making sure to give proper credit to the blog where I found the article.
- I'm even posting a lower quality scan than he is - so you can get a BETTER one there.
- I'm sure I'm not the only one to give this a mention when they find out: Chris Sims and the ROM blog certainly might.

I'm fairly sure those are the rules.
ROM wouldn't banish me for that.


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