Monday, February 16, 2009


As seen in the previous, Valentine's Day post, (HERE) there have been many women that have loved Doctor Strange over the years. However, the one that holds the most special place in his life is CLEA.

I can only imagine the reason being that she is constantly eager to get him into her "Dark Dimension".

*stroke the pic with your cursor-hand to engorge it*
Any bed in the Sanctum Sanctorum gives new meaning to "DEMONS in the sack".
From Marvel Fanfare v1 # 5
Script by Chris Claremont, pencils by Marshall Rogers, inks by Craig Russell.

I'm tempted to turn this into a regular, recurring feature on the blog.
Seriously. With the number of scenes like that one in the canon, I could probably run months of content JUST with this stuff.


Howard Hallis said...

I know Sanctum has seen this already, but for the uninitiated checking out this post...

For a more graphic Clea/Doc moment of intimacy, check out Scorpio Steele's work:

Holly said...

Hahaha, I love it, make it a recurring feature! ;D

Anonymous said...

Scorpio is indeed a very, very talented artist. I assisted with that project portraying Satana.

Scorpio Steele said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to my Dr. Strange story! Its new home is HERE:

Some day I'll ink and color it.


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