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The "Magic" of Video - Part II-a:
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends;
The Black Knight - in - Knights and Demons

Yet another SANCTUM SANCTORUM VIDZ Presentation
and a "6-Dimensions" Joint.

With this entry, we continue our look into the world of video with yet another episode of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends".

However, since this blog isn't dedicated exclusively to Dr. Strange, but also to what I have often described as the "6-Dimensions of Doctor Strange", this entry shines the spotlight on one of Strange's most staunch friends and comrades;

Yet, while the hero who has oftentimes teamed up with Dr. Strange is DANE WHITMAN; billionaire playboy, Avenger, Defender, MI-13 member and wielder of the Ebony Blade, it is his Medieval ancestor; Sir Percy of Scandia who is featured here.

In this episode, the "Spider-Friends" join forces with the Black Knight to battle the evil sorcerer; Mordred (Modred) in "the Land of Shades".

Featured below, in yet another "Sanctum Sanctorum Vidz" presentation * is the episode.



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"Knights and Demons".
(Season 1, Episode 11)

title card for the 1981 episode


part 1


part 2


part 3


Episode writer Donald F. Glut wanted to use the current Black Knight; Dane Whitman, as well as the Black Knight from Medieval times. Unfortunately, the story editor thought it might be too confusing to viewers who weren't readers of the comics, to thus understand the differentiation and/or lineage aspect of the character and title, so the idea was nixed.

As you could plainly see, in the cartoon episode, the costume of the Black Knight was significantly simplified from it's comic-book version, for ease of animation purposes.

Here's the character model sheet.

However, that might not have been completely necessary, as the animation team in this episode was head and shoulders above the studio who worked on earlier episodes, such as "7 Little SuperHeroes".
How appropriate that this studio was the very same which produced the fan favorite series; "Dungeons & Dragons".


Sir Percy HAS been featured several times in comics with Dr. Strange.

Most notably, in issue # 68 of the Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts series, wherein Strange helps Dane Whitman stave off the curse of the Ebony Blade and redeem the soul of Sir Percy. You'll be better able to see the complexity of the armor in the last few pages.

*click images to embiggen*

Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 68
Written by Roger Stern, Penciled by Paul Smith, Inked by Terry Austin

With Victoria Bentley appearing along with the Black Knight and Dr. Strange, (and some very strong writing and artwork) this has long been a favorite issue of mine.

The Black Knight is a major character in this blogger's collection; and will have more items featured here in time.


* I have FINALLY regained my own video-editing capabilities, and as you'll note, these clips are far better edited than those in previous editions of this feature - wherein I had to "borrow" other's edits. With this, I'll (eventually) be able to go back and re-edit all those old entries as well.


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