Thursday, April 19, 2012

With A Little Help From My Friends...

The Sanctum Sanctorum Comix Blog
by Michael Golden


While I am otherwise "engaged" with work-related stuff, and before I am fully able to complete my long-promised multi-part epic essay post ("5-Fingers of Death for Doctor Strange"), I thought that, like Doctor Strange and his DEFENDERS, I would rely on the aid of my friends to help carry the day.

Over the past year or so, friend-of-the-blog, and fellow ROM; Spaceknight fan; David Holsey (owner / operator of the "Blog for Rom Fans Who Aren't D!¢%s") has been sending me his own photo-manipulated composites of images and artwork of my three favorite comic book heroes - ROM Spaceknight, Man-Thing and Doctor Strange.

So, I thought it was high-time (or really, long past the time) for me to showcase them here and say thanks for all the positive thoughts and gestures of friendship and good will.

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I.


Man-Thing art by Greg Land, Dr. Strange statue by Bowen Designs, ROM fan-art by ?   


Man-Thing and ROM
by Michael Golden


An embarrassing cover photo montage of ROM and myself dressed as Doctor Strange 
(from a photo taken in 1997 for a Wizard Magazine Halloween Costume Contest 
- of which I blogged a few years back [HERE])

(the above photo of ROM taken from an old 1980's promotional pic of Marvel characters making public appearances.)


And last but not least, this segment of a re-touched image by Michael Golden from the famed "Merry Marvel Marching Confusion" print, wherein David H. superimposed a pose of ROM - also drawn by Golden, to make a perfect storm of my blog-trilogy heroes.

You can see the complete image over at David's blog [HERE].

And you can read this old post, here on my blog, all about how WHY those three heroes are the "Founding Fathers" of my comic-reading habit [HERE] - which is what inspired David to send these to me.

Thanks, dude.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

it was well worth the wait thanks. sorry if i seemed to be in a foul mood earlier this week when you first gave me a heads up on this posting i was having a lousy day. actually it was a lousy weekend. i like how you censored the blog title in the link to the ROM blog. i almost forgot how much of this ROM/ Dr.Strange/Man-Thing stuff i've done over the past year and a half or so.

David H.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Frank Simpson said...

DITTO what speedwaygurl said.

Wouldn't take much editing to the cover of ROM #70 to make it look like ROM meets Man-Thing...a color tweak & face replacement...nudge nudge ;-)

Luckily we got all kinds of Dr. Strange support in the Silver Spaceknight's series...

Keep up the good work guys!

Randomnerd said...

I always love it when Dave gets dedicated to a cause. :) Thanks for sharing his stuff.

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