Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Club (part I) :
"HULK's Surprise" Audio Play

If you recall from my recent birthday post, I promised to present to you, my fine readers, some cool oddities and rarities as my gift to you!

Today I would like to present to you something that I can almost guarantee, only the most die-hard of Marvel fan will ever have heard - or heard OF.
(Yes, I know. I ended on a preposition - which is something I loathe, but I had to do so... for emphasis.)

Below, I have uploaded an Audio Play featuring Doctor Strange and the Defenders (STARRING the HULK) !

It was originally Online-Only Bonus-Content for a series of Marvel Comics' publications... (but NOT comic books).

Well, listen to the audio play and I'll catch you afterward with the 4-1-1 on the origins of this obscure bit of Strangeness.

Aside from the poor production values and obvious single actor performing all the parts (with nary a voice alteration to help differentiate between the characters) as well as some mispronounced names of characters and spells... you'll hear this audio play beginning at what seems to be a continuation of some other story. This audio file was what was made available by going to a web-site (no longer active) that was listed in the pages of a tangible book and magazine, and is an unofficial segue from the story found therein.

If you read my impromptu credits at the end of the clip, you'll see that this was produced by
Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Club.

Now, I can hear you all saying;
"Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Club...?
What the heck is THAT?!?"

Back in 2006 (and into 2007) Scholastic Books (yes, the people who brought you Clifford the Big Red Dog) teamed up with Marvel Comics to form the Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Club.
A subscription children's book (and collectibles) club service, where you would sign up to receive 10 shipments (with a low price first shipment, and then 9 more - and slightly more expensive - deliveries) of Book Club goodies, every month.

The first shipment (shown below) came with the first of a series of 10 story "chapter" books, a magazine, a sticker sheet, some toys, a game board and pieces for a "battle" game, a set of collectible cards (for a CCG) in an illustrated tin case AND a poster (which when combined with the other 9 posters form a JUMBO-size mega-poster image)!

Originally, I was going to make a massive blog-post with everything related to today's special content, but I thought the rest of the items would be better served in their own post (so come back see that stuff)!

Obviously, however, I'm not going to present all 10 monthly shipments (books, posters, sticker sheets, card packs, etc...), I'm only going to showcase the ones with DOCTOR STRANGE!

(But, if anyone is interested, I will be putting the others up for sale on the eBay before long. I'm in the process of gathering cool stuff for my Summer sales launch - so keep an eye out for it).

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