Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ROM : SPACEKNIGHT Illustration
For the Spacenite2 Bill Mantlo Fundraiser

- see "*" near end of post

Hey all,

Well, I actually DID get to finish the ROM artwork for the Bill Mantlo benefit (that I mentioned last post - HERE) , but it wasn't until this past weekend that I actually had more than a moment to do so.

Luckily, Jason from Floating World comics (the awesome people hosting the Bill Mantlo fundraiser - linkee HERE) told me that late submissions were still accepted.

I just need a few more moments to transform my blue-line artwork into "digital inks" in photoshop, but alas... time is not my friend.
(* See crazy story at end of this post)

But, without further ado... here is the image that I managed to work up.

Click to make "Galadorian" in size.

original work is
11" x 17" in blue pencil
Artwork by yours truly - PTOR

I had wanted to actually INK and/or digitally color the piece, but time... that fickle mistress likes to kick me.

It's a busy piece, showcasing nearly all of ROM SPACEKNIGHT's foes!
From left to right, top to bottom are;

  • Female WitchWraith
  • The "Dweller on the Threshold"
  • The "Most High One"
  • DeathWing
  • Another female WitchWraith
  • A "Thornoid" plant
  • A WatchWraith android
  • A Hell-Hound (in phantom form - in Rom's grip)
  • A Male Wraith
  • The Horror known as; HYBRID
  • Another Hell-Hound (in Phantom form, with the Doberman dog form it morphs from at its feet)
  • Another "Thornoid" (tangling ROM's arm and legs with its tendrils)
  • Another Male Wraith (getting blasted into Limbo)
  • Another Male Wraith (who is. Freaking. Out!)

And of course, ROM; SPACEKNIGHT in the center of it all.

 I'll transform this into digital inks and submit the file, and in the meanwhile, will try to find time to actually INK it, so that it'll be a completed piece for the auction.

- Well, I DID digitally ink the piece just in time to send in this submission.
I tweaked the consistency of shade, dropped it into Black And White and "inked" it as a nice finished image.
I won't post that one.
Not yet anyway.
I'll give the Spacenite2 event time to do so first for their fundraiser.
I'm just happy I was able to participate and help in some small way.

Maybe, when I have time, I'll colorize it.

So, let me know what you think.

"Tamam Shud!"


*Crazy story found here:

So, as it turns out, with all the craziness of my life, I managed to finish the artwork and drove to Staples to get it scanned in on their oversized printers, but got into a car wreck on the way.

My car was "totaled" but I did manage to get to Staples to get the job done.

Then I tried to post this last night but my laptop seems to have some kind of virus or something and wont boot up, so I had to wait until now to quickly type this as I try to squeeze a few seconds out of another crazy day.

But... it COULD be worse.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty bad ass piece of art work there, my friend. Super dynamic. Lots of things to look at and little details. I like stuff like that.

CDerosby said...

gorgeous work. I'd love to see it inked and in color, but even in the blue pencil it's fantastic.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

holy shit that must have taken a long time! it would be nice to see it in color but i imagine you won't have time for that any time soon. i think this would look especially cool on the side of a building.

Randomnerd said...

That is masterful sir. Well done.

IADW said...

Wow dude that is awesome! Itt reminds me of those cool British comics we used to get here!

Predabot said...

Well done, Ptor! :) I KNEW you could do it!

That's some dedication for you... you keep going at it, even with your car smashed. Dazed and confused... on public transportation...by foot.

And that offer for colouring still stands btw, mate. =) Let me know if you're interested.

~P~ said...

Thank you to everyone who posted a positive comment!

And to Predabot (or anyone else for that matter), I'll be posting a nice b/w version soon so that digital colorists can try their hand at it.


~P~ said...

Just as an update...
since I have received a few requests (Predabot and a few others) to colorize my final piece I have posted a nice quality image of the black-digitally-inked final in a new post - so that everyone can download it and colorize it.

Then, send me digital copies and I'll showcase them all on my blog some time in the new year (2011) - with link-shares to your own blogs, sites or what have you.

Sound good?

Check out the artwork HERE:



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