Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Help ROM in the NEW YEAR!

Links to larger scans provided.
See Update note below image.

Well... we're one day from the end of another year... and to wrap up both the 2010 blogging year as well as the recent ROM SPACEKNIGHT original art series of posts (found HERE, HERE and HERE - wherein I went through the process of creating an original piece of artwork made especially for the fundraiser show/ auction to benefit former Marvel writer, Bill Mantlo) I am presenting my original illustration here... in all its "final inked glory" (if only I could put multiple "quote marks" around the word "glory")...

... for any and all digital colorists out there to try their hand!

Heck, don't have access to computerized coloring software?
Then print it out and grab your box of crayons, if you'd like!
(And you need not feel pressured to "stay in the lines".)

And then... as an added bonus... after you've colored it... send me a digital copy and I'll showcase them on the SANCTUM SANCTORUM COMIX blog in 2011!
(I'll even set up a cool link-exchange, wherein I link your piece to your own blog or site and you can do the same - thus spreading the internet fanbase network.)
All I insist upon is that you leave my various signatures and website info intact.
Feel free to add your own sigs and web-info below mine in the bottom right corner.
That's cool... and fair.

 Artwork by yours truly - PTOR

It has been stated in the comments section that the enlarged image isn't big enough for proper coloring.
Well, if you also find the enlarged version of this image isn't big enough for you, feel free to visit my DeviantArt page [HERE] to download HUGE versions of not only the "inked" black line-art [HERE], but also the original blue-line pencil art [HERE] (which you can then ink yourself).
So, no excuses. Let's get some colored samples!

Now, I know It's a jam-packed piece, showcasing nearly all of ROM SPACEKNIGHT's foes, and that there's a LOT going on...
And I'm also aware that there are probably characters and/or design elements in here with which you may find yourselves unfamiliar.
Well... allow me to link their names to pics you can use as reference.

From left to right, top to bottom are;

A Female Witch-Wraith 

The "Dweller on the Threshold"

The "Most High One"

A DeathWing
 (sometimes colored with blue or purple highlights)

Another female Witch-Wraith 

 A "Thornoid" plant
(walking purple plants)

A WatchWraith android
(sometimes colored all gold - see Male Wraith pic below)

A Hell-Hound
(in phantom form - in Rom's grip)
 *see pic below*

A Male Wraith
 (Male Wraiths in the company of all-gold Watchwraith androids)

The Horror known as; HYBRID

Another Hell-Hound
(in Phantom form, with the Doberman dog form it morphs from at its feet)

Another "Thornoid"
(tangling ROM's arm and legs with its tendrils)

Another Male Wraith
(getting blasted into Limbo)
(just to show what the whole "falling into Limbo" scene looks like)

Another Male Wraith 
(who is. Freaking. Out!)

And of course, ROM; SPACEKNIGHT in the center of it all.
(If you can't find a pic of ROM, then there may be a problem.)

So... let's get going, people!
Ring in the New Year with some full color SPACEKNIGHT action!
You'll be glad you did.
(I'll even try to get one done, as well!)

SEE YOU IN 2011!

"Tamam Shud!"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

would this be an ok time to mention that there is at least one colored version of this sketch out there? it was done in photoshop, you can see it by pasting this url into your browser:

i'm quite curious however to see what other people come up with.

~P~ said...

THis would be a perfect time to mention that
David H was the first to honor me by snagging my then-blueline artwork and work himself up a nice full-colored version.

I'll be showcasing his as well as anyone else's in an upcoming post (allowing time for people to get their versions in).

I'll also share links to colorist's sites (and would appreciate reciprocal link-love to my post) and we'll all bask in the glory of a job well done.

Happy New Year, folks!


Predabot said...

GOOGLE ATE MY POST!! :( Damn you... g-people...

Anyways, I'll be sure to give this one a go, once I've cleared up a few other things on my plate. :)

Btw, it's kind of small, making it hard to put in the details that modern colouring demand, would you be interested in putting up a slightly bigger piece? Like 15% bigger?

I understand if you don't wanna' do it until it's been auctioned, tho.

~P~ said...

Hey, Pred...

Really? This size is too small?
(clicking the image makes it open in a new window and then clicking on that new pic makes it even bigger.)

I guess I could pop a bigger one up here.

LMK colorists... need it be larger?
I'll try to get on that fast.

Predabot said...

Hey dude, did you ever get around to putting up a bigger version? I'd love to get me hands on that. :)

If you want an example of what is a common size for a modern colourist, then I what I'm currently working on, is probably a good example:

3265x5034 pixels.

(It's a character-showcase of one of my own characters, that a mate did a version of.)

As you can see... that's quite the size. But it's needed! :) Every piece needs to have the built-in quality available, for a Giclée-print. Imagine that... having this great piece in burning colour, in mega-poster size, framed on your wall at home. ;)

Would be pretty cool, yes? That's the current mind-set that we're all working towards within digital art, that the sky should be the limit.

Let us know what's cookin'!

~P~ said...


I got your message and will get that pic up this weekend.
(Meant to do it already, but each opportunity gets away from me.)

Thanks for sticking on me, Pred!


~P~ said...

SUPER-SIZED scans are now available for download!
Check out the links to my DeviantArt pages - provided in this post.

So, c'mon! I want to see some of your colorizations!


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