Saturday, August 8, 2009

Voodoo, Villains, Valkyrie & Visible Astral Forms - NEW TOYS!

Y'know... while I was going thru my "Sanctum collection" looking at all the cool swag (hoping that I won't have to sell it all off one day soon) I made a vow that some of the things that I absolutely WILL KEEP are some of the various action figures of my favorite characters.

They're small enough to be kept on a bookshelf or computer desk, portable and fairly impervious to harm - should I need to toss them in a box for awhile for any reason.

But also, they're also a relatively inexpensive way to have 3-dimensional representations of my comic-book faves in my possession.

But, I also knew that it would be something that I could keep up with (barring any exclusive and/or unreleased bullshit like the BLACK BOLT figure that was to have come out last year).

I STILL need this one to finish my "ILLUMINATI" set.
It was only available in Canada and the Singapore, but has FINALLY made it to the USA.
Now, I just have to FIND one.

However, a few NEW pieces of MARVEL plastic love were unveiled by HASBRO at the 2009 SDCC (San Diego ComicCon) recently.
A few of which have been in the works for a few years, and two which were on my mind a lot as of late...

Allow me to showcase those select FEW items here, as they relate to my "6-dimensions" philosophy.

First up is...


Whether you call him BROTHER VOODOO or DOCTOR VOODOO he is still a very cool character - one long held in a good place in my head and heart - and LONG overdue for a figure.
This is to be a MARVEL LEGENDS figure (single packed) as far as I can tell.
While I know that the new 3.5 inch Marvel Universe figures are all the rage as of late, I still like my action figures to be a bit bigger. The 6 inch Legends figures more than fit that bill.

Another new "Legend" (and he is EVERYWHERE in the comics the past few years) is...


It must have been a no-brainer to have him (and Voodoo) made into figures this year, with the whole "Next Socrerer Supreme" storyline going on in the New Avengers title.
Aside from that, HOOD has been in practically every Marvel title for the past few years, and his exposure is only getting MORE extreme.

However, it makes me wonder WHY there is no DORMAMMU figure to be released.
THAT seems like it should be a done deal.
He would make a great build-a-figure", but Hasbro has stated that they have stopped the B.A.F. program, due to budgetary constraints.

One other figure to be released (and one that had been rumored for several years) is...


Arguably THE most steadfast member of the DEFENDERS (actually being in more issues than any of the founding 4 members), she is to be released later this year.
(Not to jinx the deal, but it is also rumored that NIGHTHAWK is to be made into a figure not too long thereafter.)

There are also to be versions of Nighthawk and Gargoyle, along with Hulk and Silver Surfer to be released in the next year as a 4-piece set entitled; "Super Teams: The Defenders"as a part of the booming "Super Hero Squad" series.

Speaking of the SUPER HERO SQUAD figures, at long last the
"Secret Invasion Begins - Illuminati" set is to be released this year.

Skrull Soldier, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange (Astral Form)

Does this mean I have to go get the Black Bolt S.H.Squad figure?
(I already have Namor)

Primarily, I'm only truly interested in the Astral Form figure of Doctor Strange, but if I DO see a Black Bolt (and maybe Gladiator version of Hulk) I may seek to complete that set.
The Astral Doc is just a redo of his previously released "regular" Squad figure, just molded in clear blueish plastic.

One thing I DO know is quite cool is the new PLAYSETS that are being released.

Check out CASTLE DOOM!

How is this NOT fabulous?

Hopefully, there will be a bit more substance to it, but even still... it's pretty neat.

Now, if things go well enough, and Doctor Strange regains the title of Sorcerer Supreme in some big crossover "event", how awesome would it be to have a playset of the Sanctum Sanctorum?

You KNOW that I'll need one!


Howard Hallis said...

So glad to see you posting again Sanctum!

~P~ said...

Thanks, HH!

While I haven't been as prolific as I once was, and I HAVE been derailed quite a bit from my planned series of posts the past 3 months, I have been tonking around here now and again.

If I can get back into the swing of it all, expect to see a return to the "greatness" mediocrity that was my hallmark.


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