Sunday, August 9, 2009

She Casts a Hex of Sex!

I will readily admit to a nerd crush of sorts to the Marvel Comic's character; Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a.; the SCARLET WITCH.
Long have I held that she would be a far more favorable love-interest for Doctor Strange than Clea.

Perhaps, that's just my own love of redheads coming into play, but that's neither here nor there.

I have many representations of the Scarlet Witch in my Sanctum-collection; be they action figures, busts, statues (sadly, the Bowen statue that I had ordered years ago was shorted to my dealer and I never got that one) as well as posters, 7-11 tumblers and, of course - comics.

However, there is a limit to how far I will carry my geek/nerd love of this fictional character...

and Sideshow Collectibles has reached it.

A new "comiquette" (comic book maquette) based on the mutant mistress of mysticism is lovely at first glance...

but only gets a bit creepier as you take a closer look.

Uh... what?

While this isn't the FIRST time that a female comic book character has been tarted up to the extreme, usually such representations are strictly within the realm of fan-fic fan-art and commission requests.

John Byrne is rolling over in his grave.
(Having always held that Wanda wasn't overtly sexual, I'm sure Byrne died of an aneurysm when he saw this!)

Yes. Japan HAS recently released some sexually charged versions of the Scarlet Witch, but hell... it's JAPAN! They have been doing that sort of over-the-top sexual sublimation shtick practically forever.

This, however, is the first Officially licenced such piece of girlfriend-substitution of Wanda Maximoff (that I know of anyway).

At $205.00 US it's not too bad in the cost department, unlike the $500.00 MAN-THING comiquette that I blogged about last month [HERE].

But, while I am a MUCH bigger fan of MAN-THING, and I swore off that item due to the extreme nature of the PRICE, in this instance, I will not be ordering the Scarlet Witch comiquette because... well... LOOK at it.

With her being more well-endowed than she's EVER been portrayed in the comics, and obviously enjoying controlling the "boy toy" of her life (the VISION) with a joystick, no less...
my wife will wonder what the hell is wrong with ME should I think of putting this on display.

(And for you single guys out there - the hetero ones anyway - this probably won't win you any points with the GF any time soon... y'know... unless she's into this sort of thing.
In which case... congratulations on that!)

But, even if I weren't thinking of how my significant other would see this thing, just by my OWN standards... it's a bit much.

For the REST of those out there... thinking of buying this... think of poor VISION!
Oh, the pain and indignity of it all.


Tegan O'Neil said...

Actually, that RC mini-Vision is so cute I wish they'd sell it separately.

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