Friday, June 19, 2009

A NEW Kind of Magic?
He do that VOODOO that He do!

Hey there visitors to the Sanctum,

It's BEEN a while since I blogged about anything comics related.
So... here's some new news!

I took a few minutes to read an article or two today (while I am gutting my old computers of all their contents, in preparation of the complete retooling that they are to receive this weekend), and read an interesting interview with Brian Michael Bendis - on the future of...
DOCTOR STRANGE & Brother Voodoo.

Now, I won't give away anything that anyone out there might NOT know yet (especially since even I haven't had a chance to actually read the comics), but it seems the new name for Brother Voodoo is to be...

(I guess that does kinda let the cat out of the bag though, right? sorry.)

The interesting part of it all is, that while handing the Eye of Agamotto to Voodoo
in recent issues of New Avengers is an interesting turn of events (although still a completely UNNECESSARY one) - and I have to admit that I have always had an interest in the character - the REAL mind-blowing bit of news is that DOCTOR VOODOO is to
get his own BOOK!
(not sure yet if it's to be an ongoing or a mini)

I can see WHY they're going with Voodoo.
It really DOES make a kind of sense (Voodoo has rules and rituals that traditional comic book "magic" doesn't - and THAT has been perplexing Marvel editors for years).

Not saying that I AGREE at all... but since Quesada and co. have been up in arms about magic = no rules, then Voodoo might be a way to fake out the system. (Although, one HAS to wonder how much "actual VOODOO" is going to be in the pages of a comic book before parental groups start burning comic shoppes to the ground).

Still, have to wonder how long it'll last.

A few years at least.

Check out this article (HERE) for the full 411.
Explanations are given as to WHY Voodoo is thought to be a good selection, a possible new story-set for Stephen Strange and more.

As to that, the future of Strange, and other newsworthy tidbits...
with luck, I'll have a laptop with which to blog about all this (and all the other old stuff I had intended) before the weekend is through.

If so, look for more (up to date) stuff here as well in the next week.
If NOT... well... then it'll be "catch-as-catch-can" for awhile.



Steven R. Stahl said...

I can understand wanting to see reasons to be hopeful about the future of magic in the Marvel Universe, but nothing in NEW AVENGERS #54 or in the various interviews I've seen re Strange and voodoo gives me reason to hope.

The sequences in NA #54 in which the Ancient One uses the Eye as a microphone and video projector and in which Dormammu is treated as though he's a Hellish demon are wrong for the characters in all respects. But would anyone at Marvel Editorial appreciate that? It's easy for someone who knows Dormammu's history to say that he's a Faltine who took over a pocket universe and evolved into a god, empowered by his worshippers, but if he's drawn to look like a demon --

The IGN interview with Brevoort and Waid indicates that neither of them really understands Strange. Their contentions that Strange has effectively lost his sorcerous abilities is contradicted by events in NA #54. Waid's assertion that Strange has a "young, sexy side". . .

Whatever virtues voodoo might have as a religion and discipline aren't relevant to fighting mystical menaces.

I see the recent material re Strange as nothing more, potentially, than an opportunity to nail Brevoort and Bendis to the wall over their editorial and creative failures.


~P~ said...

Sadly, you are correct in most, if not all, of your comments.

You'll note, that in my original post, I mention numerous times, that the recent events are unnecessary and that I don't really agree with much of them.

Still, I have been through this many times, having been a reader of this stuff since the 1970s (and caught up with everything from the beginning).
Strange has lost the title and ability of Sorcerer Supreme multiple times over, and had been replaced on occasion as well (albeit briefly).

My angle is that I have always LIKED Brother Voodoo and would like to see him raised above the level of "Fred Hembeck's personal joke" and enjoy some of Bendis' patented "2nd rate 1970's character revitalization" that he bestowed upon Spider-Woman & Luke Cage.

Do I think Voodoo is the right choice for SS?
Hell no.
BUT, I'm willing to go along for the ride - knowing full well, that when this is all said and done, Stephen Strange will be back in the saddle wearing the Eye & Cloak and soon enough, all this will be fairly abandoned continuity.

So, to me, why should I have an aneurysm about it?
Marvel doesn't really listen to it's fans.
Not even when we vote with our wallets.

I've been enjoying New Avengers just enough to give this all a go (even though I have LOATHED Bendis' treatment of Strange).

It's ALWAYS been very hard to be a Doctor Strange fan.

I may be fleshing these thoughts out more in a future post.
We'll see.

Thanks for commenting!

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