Sunday, June 7, 2009

Behold: The WORKS of the MASTERS!

Hello again visitors to the Sanctum!

I don't mean to keep blogging ONLY when there are new items up for auction/ sale on eBay... but until I can get my hands on a laptop for blogging... (which should be within two weeks, I hope)... I'm stuck with the old tower machines in the catacombs beneath the Sanctum.
(and I don't have access to them as much as I would a laptop)

Ah well...
This was to have been the start of a BIG week of items.
Unfortunately, fate intervened and the only new items to be listed are the first 10 Hardcover editions of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS series!

(all listed separately)

From the late 1980's, nearly ALL of these are 1st Editions.
These are the original printings, not the recent re-releases.


- Vol 01 : Amazing Spider-Man # 01 - 10 & Amazing Fantasy # 15
- Vol 02 : Fantastic Four # 01 - 10
- Vol 03 : X-Men # 01 - 10
- Vol 04 : Avengers # 01 - 10
- Vol 05 : Amazing Spider-Man # 11 - 20
- Vol 06 : Fantastic Four # 11 - 20
- Vol 07 : X-Men # 11 - 21
- Vol 08 : Incredible Hulk # 01 - 06
- Vol 09 : Avengers # 11 - 20
- Vol 10: Amazing Spider-Man # 21 - 30 & Annual # 1

I bought all of these when they were first released, starting back in 1987.
I'm pretty sure that the comic shoppe I obtained them from was a cool little store called;
based in East Meadow, New York on Long Island.

I was a little hesitant to buy them because they were a bit on the pricey side (about $30 or so per book), and that there would be MANY of them.
I was an under-employed artist at the time (hmmm... that sounds familiar), so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to plunk down the price on a long-term basis.

Still... I was really getting heavy into my ever expanding collector's mindset at that time, and I have always tried to support a new printing venue - in hopes that, if enough sales might warrant - a Doctor Strange edition of same would emerge.

And so, I started buying them.

I didn't really crack them open to read.
These seemed too much like long-term archive editions to be for everyday use.
So, I kept them on a shelf and would lightly flip through them on very rare occasions.
Just peeking in between the pages - afraid to crack open the spines.

As such, these books are in fabulous condition.
Pure white, crisp clean pages.
Sadly, some of the dust jackets may have some minor signs of wear.
(But without having them sealed in plastic and in a box away from sight, such a thing is to be expected.)

I continued buying them, and enjoying the beautiful archival nature of these hardcover editions, until I reached the 10th volume.
I do recall feeling like Marvel was trying for a cash-grab with the 11th volume, because they jumped over the rest of the old-school X-MEN issues to go to the "All New, All Different 'Uncanny' X-Men" issues instead.

"That's all for me - for now. I showed my support for this new print style." I remember thinking.
" least until a Dr. Strange volume is released."

I do have several of the Dr. Strange volume that was eventually released.
One of the original printings, and each of the newer re-released numbers (regular and variant editions).

I'm holding off on selling those just yet.

Anyway, as for these first 10 editions, my helpers had some technical difficulties in the photography aspects of this week's auctions, so this is all that will be available.

If only the unemployment regulations did not forbid my helping out.
I have faith in my team however.

Soon enough, a steady stream of stuff will surge from the Sanctum.

Please bear with us.

And as for ME... I am DYING to get to actual BLOGGING here.
As soon as I get a laptop (a great friend is loaning me his unused one), I'll be tossing MANY a great tidbit and article here for those faithful few who are still hanging around the periphery of this blog.

I owe you guys that much, at least.

Have a great day.
Feel free to bid on the books.
Low starting prices.
No reserves.
Just use the handy-dandy eBay link-button on the sidebar
(somewhere just under the pic of yours truly).

These Masterworks are sold.
Auction ended - quite successfully.
Thanks to all who participated!

Don't fret though, more auctions are always being listed, so check that link often.
*End Update*

Take care - for now.


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