Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Bit of FUN-KO POP-Culture.

Welcome back for a FUN...KO bit of POP Culture!

I'm just going to post a quick hit-n-run entry,  But before I do, let me hep you to a few projects that I'm in the middle of for this blog; such as...

1. Writing ALL-NEW blog posts, including; 

1a. A year-in-review post for the current Jason Aaron / Chris Bachalo DOCTOR STRANGE series

1b. Posts involving the (very soon) upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch MOVIE

1c. Assorted deep, introspective thoughts and reviews of other, older published bits of the Doctor Strange library and the swag from 40 years of comic collecting.

 as well as...

2. Gathering the data for updating long-running series on this blog:

2a. The IDOL PURSUITS series (my last entry was for the 1996 Doctor Strange action figure. There have been 20 YEARS of additional figures and statues since then, and I've got them ALL.)

2b. The STRANGE LOVES series (many new additions to the list of lady-loves in Strange's life)

2c. The MYSTIC GARB series (I've since acquired well OVER 100 additional garments, moving the total to OVER 200+, so I have a LOT of photos and descriptions to compile)

2d. the CLEA LOVES SEX series (Seriously. There are a LOT more instances to chronicle.)

2e. The SANCTUS INTERRUPTUS series. (Both Doc's and my OWN Sanctum Sanctorum have undergone destruction / reconstruction again and again since my last entry).

...and MORE besides!

(While we wait for me to get those new updates and posts, you may wish to follow the links above, in order to get started on reading what I've posted before now, so you'll be up-to-date when we really get rolling.)

In the meanwhile, THIS quick entry is a mix of at least three sub-categories of posts:

1. IDOL PURSUITS (as it deals with "toys / statues / action figures" of a sort)

2. GRAIL ITEMS* (actually this is a brand NEW category that I've only just begun to filter some old posts into, as some rarities are indeed, one-of-a-kind "Grail items". I'll filter more into it soon.)

3. FAME and FORTUNE (A tongue-and-cheek category, but valid, as I acquired the starring item via a Twitter caption contest with Funko)

You can find the categorical breakdown of ANY post at the end of that post, and also links to those subjects can be found on the left side-bar in alphabetical order

But, ENOUGH of this pre-amble... let's get to the SWAG!

If you follow me at my tag of @SanctumBlog on Twitter (and if not, why not? It's basically DOCTOR STRANGE 24/7/365 with some animal tweets and other stuff tossed in) you'll know that I have just recently received a rare and coveted PROTOTYPE of the DOCTOR STRANGE - CLASSIC Version- Funko POP!

I won this fantastic item during a "Caption This Photo" contest that was sponsored by FUNKO a few weeks ago. I'll include my entries at the end of the post.

I'll also post the photos of those selfsame Funko Pops from Funko's site.

And now, without further ado, are my entries into the "Caption This photo" contest.
While I have NO idea WHICH one garnered me the win, perhaps YOU'LL all vote for YOUR favorite(s) in the comment section.

THIS was the blank photo that FUNKO tweeted.

And THESE are my entries...
(I was the only person to actually use the photo itself as a mini-comic, adding word balloons. Everyone else just replied with their captions in text form within their tweets. ...slackers LoL).

So? What'cha think? Worthy of a win? But WHICH one? Maybe make your own! Take the blank image and submit your entires to ME. I'll post them in a follow up blog-post. Maybe I'll make a contest of it!
I must have some Doctor Strange swag to send (even if it's a hand-drawn sketch).

So, VOTE for which of mine you like AND/OR submit your own today!
Who knows... you might WIN ...er... something.

And HEY! Don't forget to check out the new additions to the DOCTOR STRANGE-CAST podcast (new posts will be uploaded SOON - [HERE] ), wherein we talked about THESE and MORE of the FUNKO POPs - and other similar collectible goodies.


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