Tuesday, September 20, 2016

www.DoctorStrangeCast.com podcast is ONLINE

As promised, the Doctor Strange podcast that I have co-founded in now online:

your hosts of
Doctor StrangeCast

Diedra ("Deee"), Howard Hallis, and myself share various thoughts and experiences with, not only Doctor Strange, but comics and pop-culture in general.
(But mostly Doctor Strange.)

There are 5 mini episodes online now:

  1. - A "Mission Statement" of sorts.
  2. - My being "interviewed" and answering the guest "questionnaire".
  3. - Deidra answering the questionnaire
  4. - Howard's turn to do so.
  5. - Our predictions for the post-credits trailers for director Scott Derrickson's "Doctor Strange" film.

These are just the first few offerings, introductory teasers, if you will.
We've recorded others and shall record more still, and will upload them in time.

Now, Lest you walk into the gathering, unacquainted with your hosts, allow me to make the introductions:

Diedra ("Deee") is a noted Cosplayer and Dr. Strange fan. Her insights are valuable as not only a knowledgable and insightful Doctor Strange fan, but also can present us with a female perspective as well as a newer fan's viewpoint (although, she is wise in the ways of Strange far beyond her years).

Howard Hallis - owner of one of the World's Largest Doctor Strange collections, and Dr. Strange uber-fan, is the artist of the renowned "Picture of Everything" and is also a former associate of the late Dr. Timothy Leary.

PTOR - A renowned expert on Doctor Strange, having been a Dr. Strange uber-fan for nearly 40Years, I am also an owner of one of, and most likely THE World's Largest Doctor Strange Collections, as well as a writer/artist (having worked briefly in comics, as well as other media).

So come... join us.
Welcome to the Strangecast... [HERE]


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