Monday, March 11, 2013

If A Blog Posts in the Aether...
...Does it Make a Sound?


Hey there, all you out there in the real world.
Please pardon this interruption of your interwebs, but due to a glitch in Blogger's post update system, wherein unless I backdate a post to the previous date it will not show up in the blog-post list on many websites *. It is for that reason that I am attempting a test.

I'll use the opportunity to make this "commercial announcement" to advertise the recent
5th Annual Sanctum Awards
which posted on February 24th, 2013
(but with no update notification for anyone who might be following).

So, in case you missed it, it can be found [HERE
- OR -
on the newly-posted (but equally un-announced) SANCTUM AWARDS INDEX PAGE [HERE]


* I have NO idea HOW to fix my blog-update dilemma.
Sadly, even back-dating no longer seems to work.

And there seems no way to reach actual...y'know... people, at blogger.

Can anyone hear me?
Am I real?



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