Monday, February 13, 2012


Normally, on St. Valentine's Day, I like to commemorate the "day of love" with some presentation of 4-color comic-book romance!

Be it with deep, introspective gazes into the love-life of Doctor Stephen Strange (like HERE) or an in-depth look at his numerous love-interests (in an epic post HERE) or with an entry to the "Clea Loves Sex" series (which can be found HERE), - or even the year where I immersed the blog into the mire of the Man-Thing's sensitive side ([HERE]), we always took a look back at previous romantic histories of our favorite mystical characters.

However, this year we have to look to the future and wait - with baited breath and eager anticipation of a love to come... a romance unknown...

Who Is The Great Lost Love Of Dr. Strange’s Life?

Written by Matt Fraction, 
Interior Art by Michael Lark, Cover Art by Terry Dodson

 It would seem that while contemplating the Concordance Engine, Doctor Strange releases some aspect of his own inner desires and this red-haired beauty steps forth into his life.

With scenes of tranquil, resplendent, youthful love, DEFENDERS v4 # 4 promises to feature some bright, hopeful spark for the romantic life of Doctor Stephen Strange.

Sadly, however, this love can not hope to last.

Firstly, this fair, red-haired ingenue seems to be exactly that... a youth. Far too young (at least as she is depicted in the preview art and cover) for Stephen Strange - who is by far her senior (as his official Marvel bio states he was born in 1930).  Coupled with the fact of Strange's improper dalliance with a college grad-student in issue # 1, this is a disturbing trend.

And secondly, seemingly as a product of the Concordance Engine, I'd have to wonder at exactly how REAL this young lady might actually be. Could she be naught but an answer to an unspoken desire by the Doctor? The dream-stuff of another reality to serve as a temptation for the mystic master - to lead him astray from his true path? OR perhaps she is meant to be an incentive - to leave behind his life of strife and instead begin a life of leisure, pleasure and love?

According to the solicits and interviews, we are asked "Who Is The Great Lost Love Of Dr. Strange’s Life?" Initially, I was not overly exited by the prospect of Matt Fraction performing some ret-con on Stephen Strange's romantic history - especially as Fraction has been a huge let-down thus far as far as his handling of Strange is concerned, yet the teaser images of Michael Lark's artwork is winning me over.

I would have preferred that this issue, a love-story, would have hit spinner racks in February, (Defenders ships the first week in each month and this issue would have been perfect as a Valentine,) but sadly, this won't manifest until March - so we will have to mark the calendar - wait and wonder at what is to be.

Be assured, that as soon as this issue ships, I will add this young lady (as well as some other 'Strange Loves" that I have unearthed) to the complete list of every romantic interest of Stephen Strange - [HERE].

Until then, please let me express my LOVE for you all - in the manner which will be familiar to those followers of Doctor Strange: The 'American Sign Language' symbol for " I Love You".




Anonymous said...

Very intriguing. I think she'll turn out to be a disguised demon.

Jade said...

If it wasn't Fraction writing, I'd be more open to the idea. But Fraction tends to upset my sensitive girlish heart. But with the Concordence Engine and a suddenly fulfilled secret desire could be good, great, character development and intrigue. I wonder what it does for the other Defenders or anyone who contemplates before it. We shall see, fingers crossed. Great art and maybe Fraction will surprise us. In a good way :)

H said...

I'm a little worried about the following scene with all the spirits in jars. I really hope the implication isn't that Strange is calling forth girlfriend after girlfriend from the Concordance Engine and then sighing and saying "Well, it's not you. Next!"

No matter how elegant his crossed leg might be in that scene...

~P~ said...


I don't think the spirit in that jar is a female.
The OTHER promo blurb for the issue is:
"Why Does A Young-Gun Magician Have Strange In His Sights?"

Methinks the young-gun is in the jar after Strange got the drop on him.

Just my 2cents.

H said...

I hope so, P. I'd hate to see him become a serial philanderer.

The girl looks young, but maybe she's someone from his youth, or she's older than she looks. After all, Clea looked like she were in her twenties.

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