Friday, January 13, 2012

A Reader-Interactive-Participation Post

*A Portion of Post Not Safe For Work*
(I'll note WHERE -in RED -below.)

- DEFENDERS # 2 – 
By Matt Fraction and Terry & Rachel Dodson.

Whether you've read it or not, you may have heard of at least one scene from the issue, where Doctor Strange whispers something mysterious – and SCARY – into Red She-Hulk’s ear to thus trigger her transformation into her human persona; Betty Ross.

CLICK to "Red-She-Hulk-Size" any artwork.

 Stephen Strange; Graduate of the Dale Carnegie School.

So now, I’m asking YOU FOLKS to grab the scan that I provide and put some words into the mouth of Stephen Strange. Either grab a quote from another comic, or think of your own and then, either post the image – sending me the link – or send me the art and I’ll post them all at a later date. Or, if you've no means to muck around with the image - just write it in as a comment below. Winner gets some kind of honor or prize. We’ll see.

To save full-size image:
CLICK to open image full-size,
then Right Click and 'Save As' to your computer.
Then, have fun!

 I have my OWN theory as to what Strange may have said, and thus have made it into an interactive “game / contest” of sorts – in its own post (separate from the actual REVIEW of the issue [HERE]). I took a quote (an actual word balloon) from another comic and pasted in place.
I present it here and now for your amusement / dismay.

*Warning: MY entry is NSFW*
(turn away now if you're at work)

My entry uses an actual PUBLISHED word balloon from an actual PUBLISHED comic (albeit, one of the worst comics ever created): Jim Balent's T-n-A gorefest;
TAROT : WITCH of the BLACK ROSE - issue #53.

Possibly one of the most famous (or infamous) quotes from that issue (If not of the entire title’s published history) – and seen all over the interwebs:

“Samatha Brown! You have to get out of here! Your VAGINA Is HAUNTED!”

Obviously, this comment is all kinds of wrong, and would certainly be enough to freak out Red She-Hulk. The "haunted" aspect was just something that I'd imagine Strange being able to perceive.
(Not that Red-Shulkie's nether-regions are nether-dimensional in any way.) Heck, I didn’t even bother changing the name from Samantha Brown to Betty Ross, because I think keeping the other’s name makes it even creepier.

Here's the original panel from Tarot (if you don't believe me).
And, No. I don't own the actual comic. I got this scan from the inimitable ISB - [HERE]

The black nudie-censor bar is not in the comic.
It's not exactly Archie's Double Digest.

Originally, I wanted to use a line from an actual Doctor Strange comic, something that HE had stated, and use it out of context, but the Tarot quote just would not let go.

Oddly enough, the concept of a 'haunted vagina' isn't just limited to comics.
There is an actual NOVEL of the same name (and subject) by Carlton Mellick III (Amazon sales page HERE). So, maybe Dr. Strange WOULD have encountered this. That would be some house-call.

So, I leave it to you, surfers of the web, to create your own version of this scene, and either post the image – sending me the link – or send me the art (or, if you've no means to muck around with the image - just write it in as a comment below) and I’ll post them all at a later date (both HERE and in their own post).

If you have your own blog and want to use it as a post there, fine. Just send me a link to it so i can direct people your way. And I'd ask that you put the link to my post there, so as to keep it all nice and friendly-like.
Pass the word. I’d love to have a big array of entries to showcase.
Yes... They can be submitted anonymously. (I certainly wish MINE could be.)


Also, don't forget to check out the actual review of DEFENDERS # 2 [HERE].


Anonymous said...

I loved yours but you really needed to not use SB and instead put Betty Ross in there;)

While I can’t add the caption myself my votes for Strange’s words to Betty are:

In the words of Neil Armstrong:
"This is nowhere";
"I’ve never been so hard";
"Kill the white man";
"I can’t live a lie anymore – I’m gay";
"I was brought here against my will";
"demonic, pants, fantastic, farewell!";
"I crave the company of morticians. I love everything about them. You’ll be glad to hear I live in a ghastly dreamworld. And you can’t stop me.";
"We are sisters in tennis";
"Just think of it. Octopi for everyone. Yellow conclusions of a thousand years. Am I dreaming? Is this the rumble of age and sainthood? Let me say this. You can inspect the thundering skies for saliva. You can feed into the machinery of demolition. You can pledge your darkness to a joke. But – my red, red beauty – brace yourself. I’m going to look you in the eye." (okay the caption would be too big for that one;); or

More seriously, how about:
"I know you didn’t miscarry but aborted your child to Bruce because you were scared it would become a monster too";
"I know you gave up your baby to Samuel Sterns"

What were your personal thoughts, besides the HV?

H said...

Who knows? Maybe it was "Betty... I am your father."

DrFurball said...
Just some good-natured ribbing.

Anonymous said...

"your character will now be written by Brian Michael Bendis."

H said...

"Your character is currently being written by Matt Fraction!"

"I picture every woman I meet in Clea leggings. And Namor."

"Did I mention I'm an OB/GYN?"

Bill said...

Rick Santorum is beating Obama.

~P~ said...

Now, Bill... this is no place for political hash... oh wait... that's you're entry!

Yes. Yes that WOULD be scary.

Amyway, I guess I should probably award a winner from the entries we have received (but still, if there are any others out there who want to make a proposed entry - even after I've selected a winner - please feel free to do so).

But, I will be putting together the "award" post any day now. So we'll see who won.
(There are some really good entries here!)

Still, if anyone adds a new suggestion after this point, I'll still add it to the "award" post.
Of course, if you get your entry in before I post the award, you STILL could have a chance at an upset and win it yourself!


aquarium supplies said...

I think the same until I talk with the author!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's probably best if it's never revealed what Strange said, as it's better for the story if it remains a mystery and lets readers' imaginations run wild. (In my opinion, those two pages were the best I've seen in a comic in the past year).

Of course, it was strongly implied that the book Strange had brought along to read on their flight was the Darkhold, which would mean he'd have just been skimming through all sorts of horrifying things a few hours earlier and any of them might still be on his mind.

For the sake of writing down a guess, I'd venture something like "Remember what you saw when you were dead, my dear."

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