Sunday, November 13, 2011

With The Aid of Time Travel...
My 3rd Anniversary Blog Post!

I made it to 3 years on this blog!
Who hoo!

OK. Actually, my bloggiversary was OCTOBER 11th.
But things have been SO DARN HECTIC around here that it was impossible to put together the required mega-post in time.

SO... with the aid of internet "time-travel" technology (back-dating posts), I have popped the actual post into the proper slot where it belongs (a month ago - sheesh!).

Filled with links to the "VERY BEST" of my Oct. 11 2010 - Oct 11, 2011 blog posts, it is a readers delight - and valuable resource for anyone wanting a "table of contents" for this blog.

Please feel free to go check it out - [HERE]


Arachne Solara said...

Grats on three years! I appreciate so much, Ptor, that you're here providing this wonderful forum for the fans of Doctor Strange (the Strange-That-Was rather than the current canon). Thank you so much, and hopefully we'll have more to talk about in the years to come, as it works for you...

H said...

Heh.. how cool to be part of your highlights-of-the-year.

Things will get better for our Doctor, and the rest of us too. You'll see.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Mazel Tov on your 3 year anniversary! i can think of any one of a few cool art pieces that would have complimented this posting my friend.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

check out this ROM tribute video i through together with a program i just discovered this morning. i used some of the Dr.Strange/Man-Thing/ROM cross over art along with our collaboration piece from the Bill Mantlo benefit auction:

plok said...

Cripes, I'm late again!

Happy Third, P-Tor!

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