Friday, January 15, 2010

In the bleak mid-winter...

Many humble apologies for the utter lack of any presence here the past few weeks.

I've been on full job-hunt status as of late, and even though my THOUGHTS frequently drift to this blog and it's subject-matter, my time and fingers, sadly, cannot.

I WILL say that I hope to have the 2nd ANNUAL SANCTUM AWARDS up here before January is over.

I have also been meaning to blog a semi/quasi review of the new STRANGE and DOCTOR VOODOO (mini) series', but alas... no real time.

I'll probably wait until they're both wrapped up to do a complete overview of them.

However, I feel safe to say that while I have been truly digging the DOCTOR VOODOO series (and, I KNEW going into it that it would be truncated into a mini), I have been disliking the STRANGE mini-series almost in a 1:1 adverse manner.

Go figure.

I'll go into it all (hopefully) when all is said and done, but here's my scorecard thus far:
The First issue of STRANGE = horrid tripe.
Second issue pulled it out of the fire. It wasn't bad at all.
Actually redeeming some of the bad points of the first issue.
The most recent (third) issue... I just dunno.
It looks like unless a total surprise turnaround is made on that story, that it might see itself as one of the "WORST OF" in the 3rd Annual Sanctum Awards.
(If we can get past the 2nd Annual Awards)

Each issue of the Doctor Voodoo book has been better and better.

And, of course, Doc's appearances in NEW AVENGERS have really left much to be desired.
Damned Bendis!

It's still too early to weigh in on Doc's appearances in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, since this recent issue ( # 22) has not presented itself with all that much one way or another.
Some good , some bad.

BUT... I can't get into it all now.
Wish me luck on the job front.
As soon as I know that I won't have to worry about foreclosing on my house any time soon, I'll be more inclined to care about the comical-books.

On the bright side, I have more than enough longboxes to erect a swell house just about anywhere. I can even sell stuff from my own "4-walls".
(Although, I'm not quite sure if that's what is meant by "brick and mortar" comic shoppe.)


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