Monday, December 24, 2012

CHRISTMAS GIFTS (from the past)!
1998 Linens-N-Things catalog


In year's past, I've posted Christmas/Holiday entries ranging from showing Christmas covers for various comics [HERE], [HERE], [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE], or "humorous" little video vignettes featuring everyone's favorite Latverian Dictator [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE], a look into Doctor Strange's holiday traditions [HERE], or even a quaint holiday Tableau - a comic cover brought to "life" as it were [HERE]...

But this year, I thought I'd not only try to bring the blog back to its roots (as a way to showcase my assorted collection of weird and wonderful swag)... but while doing so, also stick with the Christmas/Holiday theme.

And so I present to you...


OK. I can hear you all scratching your heads and wondering just what this is doing in my collection of assorted Doctor Strange and "6-Dimensions"swag?

Well, as we flip through the pages of the many assorted gift items, and thumb our way to the MEN'S section - whist looking for cool gift ideas "for the man who practices the ART of living well" in your life...

...and while a cocktail shaker or a CD/wine rack or even a comfy green robe are in my'll also find a nifty looking book lamp.

BUT...if you take a look at the pile of comics to the right of the nifty book-lamp, you'll find that there's something "for the man who practices the MYSTIC ARTS of living well"... a well-read copy of MARVEL TEAM-UP (v.1) # 50, featuring Spider-Man teaming up with DOCTOR STRANGE!

A CLASSIC COVER by Gil Kane (pencils) and Dan Akins (inks)

Sure, there are also a copy of 'Marvel Holiday Special' from 1991 and an old comic featuring the Molten Man (a No-Prize for anyone who can identify the issue, since I didn't feel like doing the detective work this time), but the Marvel Team-Up issue is the real gift here!

And thus it was that Doctor Strange was subliminally introduced to the average American consumer  during the holiday season of 1998.

Also, I thought it was high time I posted this item since it was something that I mentioned in my VERY FIRST post on this blog [HERE].

And so I would like to take this time to wish EVERYONE... whether they celebrate CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, KWANZAA, RAMADAN, SATURNALIA or FESTIVUS... a HAPPY and HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON!


Howard Hallis said...

I'm in awe at how the heck you found this one. You have expert level skills in spotting this kind of stuff! Happy holidays!

~P~ said...

Howard, my friend...

Many thanks for your kind praise (it's always nice when I can surprise even YOU), but you can say it... (I admit it fully)... this is an example of around-the-bend mental illness on my part.

DSOCD (Doctor Strange Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


Whether for good or ill, when scanning ANY page, I can see the words "DOCTOR" and "STRANGE" immediately. If they are placed together, my eyes nearly pop out of my head.

It's been a boon for searching out swag or researching stories, but it's a useless super-power.

Still, no matter what, as of late, I am extremely grateful to YOUR help in finding many new items for our Sanctums.

The Happiest of Holiday Seasons to you and yours!

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