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Before 2012 came to a close, I wanted to showcase an art commission that I was hired to draw for an obvious Doctor Strange fan.

I was contacted by a young woman named Heather Oglevie (yes, I asked if she wanted me to use her name here) wherein she requested a piece of Doc and Clea dancing.

You really need to click on the pic to see it at all.
There are waaaaay too many details to be seen in the small image that fits in the blog. (and sadly, even the scan can't capture all the details and shading in the original drawing, so...)
If you REALLY want to see it BIG, then "right-click" & open in new tab or window.
Otherwise, a simple click will open all the pics in a blogger-slideshow big enough to see.

drawn in pencil (blue & graphite) on vellum-finish bristol board
typed URLs only appear in scan

This is the finished product, but perhaps, some of you may remember when I posted the following preliminary rough sketch [HERE], along with another commission drawing?

 11x17 VERY rough sketch

A few things were immediately noted for change (new dance poses, for instance), but a few ideas stuck around until the final piece.

Now, I could discuss and show you all the multiple stages of the redesign process here... BUT... I DO have an ART BLOG that is really the place where such things should be detailed.
So, I'll tease you with a few of the follow-up dance poses, and then send you to the link for the art blog post.

When the final product arrived, Heather replied that she was amazed, and that the scans did not do justice to the piece. Sadly, a scanner just could not capture all the nuanced detail and shaded tones.

She did take the time to digitally colorize one of those scans and I must say she did an amazing job!

So, if anyone wants to commission a piece of art by yours truly, it's quite obvious that I give a lot of serious thought to the process and always strive to deliver far more value than what the client pays.

Please check out the FULL artistic process over at my art blog - [HERE].

And, once there, you may be interested in seeing more, and some different styles and mediums of my work (children's book style art, book covers, and more), which can be seen on the Art Blog (which is in need of an update - and this is a pretty good reason to do so. A lot of the art there is old, but none of it sucks.) - [HERE]

See you all in 2013! 
I hope that I get more art commissions to share with you in the year to come!
May 2013 bring MAGIC to us all!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

nice going Ptor i really like the "fliudic" nature in their movements and the figure composition in general is quite good too. and yes the details in the environment Stephen and Clea are worth taking special note of as well. have you ever actually done a Strange/Rom/Man-Thing peice? of course i have as digital stuff goes but something hand drawn or painted would be nice for a change. maybe Ptor it's time to make 2013 the year where you ad that to your portofolio. Hell, i'll even color it for ya ;)

Anonymous said...

My, my, that colourizing job really gives it a great 3D appeal! Wonderful job, P-Tor, and also loving the art blog.

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