Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions


I don't tend to make 'New Year's Resolutions' any more.
While an admirable attempt to prompt some manner of positive change (at least we hope it's a positive direction that one is resolving to follow. I pray no one is vowing to be a worse person in the new year) the very act of the resolution oftentimes is merely a hard-to-meet set-up to a subsequent sequence of fretting (about meeting the expectations), frustration (if all doesn't go according to plan) and failure (y'know... when you fail at a successful resolution).

However, I do try to set certain goals for myself.
I just don't hold them as adamantly as the "resolution" paradigm.

For 2013, among some personal goals, I also have a few for the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog.

 I'd love a return to the original mission-statement of this blog: showcasing the swag in my collection. That is the actual "Sanctum Sanctorum Comix" - it's what I named my collection, and thus, the blog (and the comic shoppe that I one day would love to open). There are several series that I had begun in years' prior and would like to complete them this year (including the "Idol Pursuits" series, featuring action figures, statues, and assorted figures, as well as the "Graven Images" series - featuring posters and prints, and so many more).

 There are many series and sub-series of an informational nature that I've done on the blog (really...waaaaay too many to list here) and more that I have long sought to do. For instance; I had started a series detailing the History of the Sorcerer Supreme and never had a chance to complete it. Now that Dr. Strange has regained the title, that doesn't negate the need for such a series. I've also got a complete and insanely thorough list of all the varied changes in the look of Doctor Strange, as well as a complete look into the creative teams who have handled the character... and much more!

 That was a very popular series, and there are still many instances in the comic canon for me to have let it lie fallow for over a year. Expect a return of that fun feature.

 (They just make me sad. It seems good issues and stories have been too few and far between, and writing diatribes of epic length which make Ulysses seem like a limerick, only makes it harder for me to; A] enjoy comics - and B] enjoy working on the blog). Note, I didn't say "NO reviews", because every so often, I WILL feel the burning desire to write one (for good or ill), but I just can't write as many as I feel I "should".

 I want this to be an outlet of all the things about comics (and my Doctor Strange / "6-dimensions" obsession) that bring enjoyment - for me and hopefully, for you! The last thing I want is for this blog to feel like tedium.

See you for more fun in 2013!
Tamam Shud!


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