Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time Warp :
- The Modern Marvel Calendars

Happy (belated) New Year - 2013, Sanctum Dwellers!

In this, the first second post of the new year, I once again thought it appropriate to blog about the passage of time. Well... honestly, about calendars.

This post also doubles as an updated add-on to an old post from this time in 2009 wherein I showcased all of the various Marvel Calendars - from 1975 - to the "present"... well... at least the ones that featured Doctor Strange or any of my "6-Dimensions" interests.

The original series can be found at the following links:
(Part I : the "CLASSIC" calendar series can be seen - HERE)
(Part II : the "MODERN" calendar series can be seen - HERE)
(Part III : the 1980 Doctor Strange calendar - in its entirety - can be seen - HERE)

Anyway, this entry is just to post an added entry into the "Part II - MODERN" portion of that series (however, while a part of the Marvel Calendar collection, this added entry will not be added to that post directly - only mentioned with a link to this addendum, for the reason in the very next sentence...)

However, for the first time, the calendar I am about to showcase has absolutely NO appearance by Doctor Strange whatsoever!

It DOES, however, have an appearance by one of my "6-Dimensions" interests: the SCARLET WITCH.

Left side: Thor, Scarlet Witch, Captain America.
Right side: Havok, Rogue, Wolverine.
Artwork by John Cassaday, from the cover to Uncanny Avengers # 1

A FREE promo item, this calendar showcases images for the upcoming year's publications and events. 
(Sadly, I don't yet have one, and have made due with scans from online. Anyone have one of these they can spare? I'll probably have to hit up eBay or something. Found one on the cheap via eBay. Not FREE as it should be, but pretty close.)

It's an in-house publication. With a few tiny images of some Marvel characters on certain holidays, this calendar, much like previous few years in-house Marvel calendars, is a tiny throwback / homage to those "classic" Marvel calendars of old (as can be seen in this post [HERE]) wherein most of the days had cool little Marvel art within. (Like the odd little scene of NAMOR kissing the INVISIBLE WOMAN (or is that EMMA FROST?) in a heart-shaped box on VALENTINE's DAY... hmmm...)

Unfortunately, like the similar in-house Marvel calendar of last year (blogged [HERE]), this one also does not showcase Dr. Strange in any of its interior pages.

What I find very curious is that in EVERY interview with writer Jonathan Hickman about his plans for Marvel flagship titles; AVENGERS & NEW AVENGERS, he states that the plans he has for NEW AVENGERS (which features Doctor Strange and the rest of the Illuminati [Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Namor, the Beast - who takes the place of the dead-for-now Professor X, and Black Panther]) would make it THE MOST IMPORTANT title that Marvel would publish all year. And yet, images of that title/group is strangely snubbed in the calendar.

It looks like 2013 will be the same as many a year previous in that...
it is not easy being a Doctor Strange fan.


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