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Hello, Comic-apparel fans!

Once again, we go back to the very roots of this blog's original purpose and showcase some more swag from my Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection.

This time we are adding to a series of posts originally begun back in October of 2009, wherein I catalogued my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!
HATS! T-SHIRTS! TIES! and even SKIVVIES! (...psst... that's another term for underpants!) .

Today, I have an EXCITING garment announcement to add to this series!

With the backlog of stuff I've been doing around here, these shirts have been arriving here to the Sanctum, one in every month or so, but I am going to shunt the others to a later blog entry so as to give this one a special showcase all of its own.

So let's go!



Today's installment is an awesome new addition to the
- part 2 : SOLO APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS post. 

Well... I say "new addition", but that's not quite true, since I had blogged all about it as a "dream" item, in the main article.

I'll tell you what... I'll post the previous entry here and then immediately following, will post the updated announcement.
In that way, you'll have the full story and get the full effect of the addition of this item to the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix Collection.



[This next item] is something of a "dream" shirt.
Around 1997 or so, whilst flipping channels on the TV, I clicked past a rerun of 1975 - 1984 TV show "One Day At A Time". The show, starring Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli dealt with a single mother raising her two daughters while juggling career and life.

Not interested in the show, I continued flipping past.
However, JUST before the channel moved past the show, a scene with a young boy speaking to one of the female leads popped onto screen.

I could have sworn that the young actor was wearing a shirt that looked like it had the classic 1980's Dr. Strange comic logo on it!

As fast as I could, I tried to return to the show, but by that time, the scene was ended and the character was gone.

I've whipped up a quick mock-up to show you what I THINK I saw.

The color scheme of the logo might not be accurate in my comp, but it seemed to be THAT logo!
I have been searching for that shirt, or any clue to its existence ever since.
Over a decade has passed since I caught that fleeting glimpse, and not one lead has presented itself.

The show only has a DVD collection for the first season available, with no clue as to when or if the next 8 seasons will ever be released.
With NO idea as to what episode I had stumbled across, from which season, even if I was able to access someone's private collection, that is one hell of a daunting task.

Perhaps someone out there might be able to shed some light on this old mystery.

Either way, it is one of my personal "grail" items - one that I will seek for my collection, either until I find one, or prove that no such item ever existed.



While "The Quest" (as I've called it) for long-sought "Grail Items" can take many, many years, with dogged determination, insane detail-oriented search techniques and sometimes... the help of a good friend, the Quest can sometimes be fulfilled.

As it turns out, the shirt DID / DOES exist and not only that...

It's finally mine.

Featuring the classic DOCTOR STRANGE logo which emblazoned the covers of his title from 1974 - 1987, this is not only nearly exactly what I mocked-up in my earlier description, but also the only Dr. Strange shirt to feature this logo at all (wherein all others that DO utilize a logo oft opt for earlier - or later - logos; all inferior to this one).

I'm unsure of the licensee for this one. The label says it's a "Screen Stars" shirt, but Screen Stars were usually just the manufacturer of the blank shirts, and some other company would buy them in bulk and print on them for resale. Was Marvel still releasing their own wares in the mid-1980's?

As can be seen in the close-up / detail photo, the shirt has a copyright date of 1984 (and # 13 in the 1984 series of shirts).
That makes it only the 2nd official Doctor Strange shirt - preceded only by the classic Steve Ditko illustrated shirt from 1965.

It also helps to pinpoint some information about where I saw it - on the "One Day At A Time" tv show. Since the show was cancelled in 1984 - its 9th season, the episode wherein I saw it MUST be one of those final ones. Also helping to narrow it down a bit is that the full cast isn't even in some of those episodes. So, in time, I'll be able to find video of the show and - hopefully - put the clip here alongside the shirt.

To give proper credit where due - it is once again, by the good graces of dear friend, Howard Hallis, that this uber-rare Doctor Strange garment finds its way into the magical wardrobe in my Sanctum. (This is the third uber-rare shirt Howard has either kindly stepped aside to allow me to acquire or obtained for me;  the others were: the "Marvel Picnic" shirt, and the "Stussy" Dr. Strange shirt - both seen later in the "Solo Garments" post.
Howard... THANK YOU!)


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"Tamam Shud!"


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