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- Supplemental Entry #3

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While I will very soon be posting several all-new entries, with reviews, all new content and even some upcoming Sanctum-swag for everyone to purchase, this new year seems to be starting with my revisiting and updating older entries - thus showing that (almost) EVERY post on this blog is a living entity - able to be infused with new life and new information.

Once again, we go back to the very roots of this blog's original purpose and showcase some more swag from my Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection.

This time we are adding to a series of posts from October of 2009, wherein I catalogued my extensive collection of Doctor Strange (and related 6-Dimensions characters) apparel!
HATS! T-SHIRTS! TIES! and even SKIVVIES! (...psst... that's another term for underpants!) .

Today, I have -4-  5 all-new garments to add to this series!

With the backlog of stuff I've been doing around here, these shirts have been coming one in every month or so, and once again, I waited until I had enough of them to showcase.

So let's go!



Today's installment adds to several of the previous entries - and they will be added to those pages as well as being featured here.

TWO are awesome new additions to the

ONE of these new items is to be included in the
- part 3 : TEAM-UP APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS installment.

ONE of these new items is to be included in the

And ONE of these garments is to be an unexpected add-on to the
- part 5 : "THE END" of GARMENTS entry.
( ... I know! I never thought I'd add to THAT one.)


Beginning with the two entries for - part 2 : SOLO APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS...
Let's start this off with a shirt that reproduces one of my all-time favorite Doctor Strange covers.
A NEW shirt, manufactured and sold, from late 2010, as an online exclusive from MIGHTY FINE, it is a reproduction of the cover to:
Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 4.

 detail of artwork

Despite appearances, it is NOT an actual reproduction, but a re-drawing of the famous cover art by fan-favorite artist Frank Brunner.
Check out the differences in line quality and technique.
It's almost as if a Spanish or Filipino-style artist (like Alex Niño) inked over Brunner's pencils.

Below is the cover art original with Frank Brunner artwork.
 artwork by Frank Brunner

Why the MightyFine shirt company felt the need to redraw the artwork is unknown.
Suffice it to say, it is STILL 100% awesome!

My only complaint? And it is a minor one... the use of the 1960's / 1990's Dr. Strange logo.
It's my least favorite of all of the Doctor Strange logos.
I would have been thrilled if they had used the 1970's style logo present on the comic.


 Next up, another late 2010 release, this time from IMPACT MERCHANDISE, sees the reproduction of an old-school Doctor Strange image.


 I am not opposed to the use of the 1960's Doc logo on THIS shirt, since that was the logo that would grace covers on that title (although not yet on the issue from whence the image originated.)

With artwork by Dan Adkins, this image is originally from the pages of Doctor Strange v1 # 171.

However, having been reworked in 1971 as a black light poster, post card and jigzaw puzzle by THIRD EYE productions, it is from THIS incarnation that the image was taken for use on this shirt.

And we all have a certain friend to thank for this being made manifest:
Howard Hallis; artist, bon-vivant and Dr. Strange fan of the Nth degree, was contacted by the company because they saw an image of the print on the website for his personal collection.
Asking him to provide a high-resolution scan of the piece scored him some free shirts.
(Of which, he was fabulous enough to score for me as well! - Thanks Howard!)


Next we have an add-on to the - part 3 : TEAM-UP APPEARANCE T-SHIRTS installment.
This shirt, a 2010 release from MAD ENGINE reproduces the cover artwork from the
Origins of Marvel Comics 1-shot comic.

Here is mine, still in packaging.

For SOME unknown reason, MAD ENGINE made changes to the artwork for the shirt, by replacing Deadpool and Rogue with obviously out-of-context-and-style poses of The Beast and YellowJacket.

And this is the original comic cover.

  artwork by CHRIS STEVENS

 The Marvel Pyramid, as I call it - with Doctor Strange at the top - as it should be!



This next shirt, an addition to the - part 4 : THE "OTHERS" / "6-DIMENSIONS" T-SHIRTS is something that as of the time of this writing, I have not yet received, but I DID order... and should have on Feb. 15th, 2011.  I have now received, along with the Special Edition of the Marvel vs Capcom3 game!
Offered as an incentive exclusive for pre-ordering the Marvel vs Capcom3 game direct from the Capcom website, this shirt, designed by "Meat Bun", entitled "Waste of Flesh" features none other than SHUMA GORATH!



And now, pulling up the rear, so to speak, is the final item for today.
Adding to the - part 5 : "THE END" of GARMENTS post is this new pair of 

Made by BRIEFLY STATED in 2010 these shorts feature a whos-who of Marvel characters.

A detail of the shorts shows Doc next to his old Strange Tales book-buddy: Nick Fury!
The very fact that Nick Fury's GUN and Mr. Fantastic's "stretchy-parts" are on the wang-window is a little disturbingly "coincidental" for my tastes.
 Doctor Strange is the ONLY character found on the INSIDE of the shorts...
he is placed strategically on the wang-flap.
Cool? - or - Disturbing! : YOU DECIDE!

 (sized XL, ensures that I will NEVER be able to wear these. Not unless there are two of me in there.)

 While the front of the boxer shorts seems to have all of the heroes who either HAVE HAD, or in the case of Doc (and Iron Fist and Black Panther), WILL HAVE a film deal, the rear of the shorts is just a mash-up of various villains, some having had movie incarnations and others... not so much.
Or at least, not yet (lookin' at YOU Hobgoblin, Lizard and Sentinals... and I'm not sure if that cloud in the 2nd FF movie ever counted as Galactus).

 Lizard seems ready to do a proctological exam with that tail!

 I should give proper thanks to Howard Hallis, once again, who saw these in a WalMart and, as the awesome friend he is, bought one for me as well.
Good thing, too, because I happened to have been in a WalMart a few days later and these were not available.
Since, I hardly ever frequent the store, I'd have missed out for sure.

Both of our wives thought it odd that one, straight, adult man would buy underpants for another, straight, adult man...
To this we say; "But... DOCTOR STRANGE...!" ... and that's all that is needed for understanding (or at least begrudging acceptance) to settle in.


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"Tamam Shud!"


giantsizegeek said...

I really like that T-Shirt with the Brunner image from Dr. Strange #4. One of my favorite Strange stories of all time. That was a reprint issue, as I recall, to escape the dreaded deadline doom. Wow, Brunner redrew the image for MightyFine? He did a good job. Thanks for sharing this, I am envious of that shirt.

~P~ said...

No... no... BRUNNER did not redraw the image for Mighty Fine.

Someone ELSE redrew the Brunner image.
As I mentioned, it seems like someone with a Filipino art style did so.

Oh. And issue # 4 wasn't the reprint issue.
That was issue # 3 which fell victim to the Dreaded Deadline Doom.

But, if you like the Doc vs Death shirt, I'm pretty sure it's still available.
Google Mighty Fine shirts.. and you'll find it.

Thanks for the comment.

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