Friday, April 30, 2010

Original Comic Artwork (5th in a series)
"DEFENDERS" - 2002


As I have done a few times this month, today's post showcases some old comic art of my very own.


For ALL of the installments in this series, visit these links:


Today, we reach the end of this series (for the time being) wherein I have been showcasing old comic book style artwork of my own.

Artwork that has featured Doctor Strange (and others, including; Man-Thing, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Clea, the Ancient One, Dormammu and Nightmare
- check the links at the top of this post for those exciting images!)

Today, we add to that list of characters. Including Dr. Strange (natch!), this entry features;
Namor: the Sub-Mariner, The Hulk and the Silver Surfer
- The Dynamic DEFENDERS!


As opposed to the earlier entries in this series, wherein I was going backwards in time with the dates of production, this entry brings the artwork back into the 21st Century, as these were done in 2002.
(The reason for this temporal shift? Well... I kinda forgot about these images, or they'd probably have been posted first! oopsie!)

Drawn specifically for the 'Defenders Message Board', these were banner header images which graced that forum's site. They feature some of my very first attempts to use Photoshop to colorize my artwork.

As usual, I will be splitting the artwork between here and my "MIDNIGHT IMAGES" art blog [HERE].

I'll show the black and white pencil art here - as well as a few teasers of the COLOR versions!
(But don't forget to go to the MIDNIGHT IMAGES art blog to see everything , both the black and white and colored works - complete! As well as a BONUS piece - a pencil sketch that got the ball rolling on this DEFENDERS banner set!)


* click pics to make more DYNAMIC! *

The black and white line art doesn't really tell much of the "stories".
Each image is a one panel "scene" and the backgrounds and coloring help to tell the tales.

Here are some teasers!

These images can be seen in their entirety over at my MIDNIGHT IMAGES blog.


Are you still here?
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Go check out the goodies over at my MIDNIGHT IMAGES art blog!

Tamam Shud!


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