Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lo! The TAX-MAN Calleth!
Financial Wizardry - 2010

Perhaps no arch foe in all of the world is as fierce, unrelenting and utterly evil as...

...The TAX MAN!
He who rides a steed as dark and sure as DEATH itself!
(But unlike Death, leaves you writhing in agony, never granting you a final release from his miserly grip as he picks the flesh from your bones, day after day, year after year... until his darker companion finally takes you away.)

While Doctor Strange isn't frequently seen filling out his 1040's, 1099's (those are U.S. tax forms for those wondering readers overseas), and his IT-203 (NY tax form) he has had a run in or two with those who would require payment - for bills, repairs, assessments, and even employees.

Good thing Strange is solvent and only one time is required, in order to bring his Sanctum "up-to-code", to pawn off his possessions (just how much does a "Wand of Watoomb" go for on the secondary market?)...

*click the pix to read the fine print *

"That flaming brazier of Faltinian flames is a fire-code violation!
And board up that bottomless pit of eternal darkness! Or at least put up a "warning" sign."

Starting first in Strange Tales v1 147 Stan Lee (taking on the writing chores full-time, once Steve Ditko left the title) with artist Bill Everett tried to insert some of Stan's time-tested; "hero has money woes" into Strange's life... to... mixed results.
It's a FAIL at Doc failing, still, it establishes that Strange has secret caches of jewels and trinkets worth a fortune.

So, perhaps Strange's next cash-withdrawal method might be brought into question. It seems at least, unconventional, and at most... illegal.

(Wong had always suspected his master of cheating at board games. He suddenly knows just how Strange always has the cash to buy Boardwalk and Park Place and afford all those hotels in Monopoly.)

Strange Tales v1 # 151 has Stan (and Bill) fly the money-woes idea up the flagpole again... but seemingly realizing that it wasn't a good fit, shows that Strange can just conjure funds from out of thin air.
(How come that little trick isn't in the "Professor Wonder's 1,001 Party Magic Tricks Set" that I ordered in the mail?)

Possible theft or mystical counterfeiting methods aside, Strange will not have to call again on the "ATM Card of Aggamon" any time soon, for the next time he is questioned about his finances, we see that Strange is all-up like Fort Knox!

"Yes, Sara. I am loaded. That's how I can afford this fine vintage bottle of Courvoisier."

Dr. Strange (v2) Master of the Mystic Arts # 42, writer Chris Claremont and artists Gene Colan and Dan Green have Strange hiring his neighbor, Sara Wolfe, as his business secretary, and despite Doc's bank account being at near zero, he shows her that he is the King of Bling.

So, while the rest of us have to do what we can to eke out a living, and have the TAX-MAN banging on our doors to collect "their share", rest assured that Doctor Strange is financially secure.


A Public Service Announcement:
Don't forget U.S. residents, today; APRIL 15th is Income Tax Day...
you have until Midnight tonight to file... or Beware the wrath of the Terrible TAX-MAN!!!


Tamam Shud!


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