Friday, April 16, 2010

America's Next Top Wizard
-starring Dr Simon Strange? (Stephen Cowell?)

Seen in a very short clip on "UGLY AMERICANS" (season 1 episode 5) - a "copyright liberated" version of Doctor Strange is cast as a judge (dissing a pseudo "Harry Potter" lookalike) on a game-show "America's Next Top Wizard" (episode 23)- (obviously a mash-up of "America's Next Top Model" and "American Idol").

Check out the short clip of his appearance.
(I make no comment on the nature of his manner and behavior.)


"You call this a potion? More like SNOREcery."

Oddly enough, I take this as an addition to the current expansion of society's exposure to Doctor Strange, and his inclusion into the modern cultural zeitgeist (as I described in this previous post [HERE]).

It's no secret that Strange is a fave of oddball and weirdo artists, as the creator of this animated series, most delightfully must be.

(Thanks go to Howard "wrong dimension boy" Hallis for the find!)

Tamam Shud!


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