Thursday, April 1, 2010

Live a Poem or DIE a FOOL!


I'm not here today. 
I'm away for several days, actually, and have had several posts in the hopper to automatically post on certain days. Thus proving that I had thought ahead... and am SMART.
Whilst others who come here... well.... they might just be FOOLS!

So, if so, you should watch out for this guy.


Originally from Man-Thing volume 1 (issues # 3 and 4), with several incarnations and even a series (or two) of his own.
A wonderful Steve Gerber creation (of sorts).

Here's the wiki brief description:

"The Foolkiller is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by writer Steve Gerber and first appeared in the pages of 1974's Man-Thing. He also had a ten-issue limited series that ran from 1990 to 1991, followed by another in 2007. There have been four different individuals to adopt the mantle of the Foolkiller. The character was inspired by a Southern legend that was the basis for a short story by O. Henry. This in turn was the inspiration for a later novel by Helen Eustis. The novel was made into a film featuring Anthony Perkins. A character of the same name also appeared in L. Frank Baum's The Enchanted Island of Yew."

Marvel's Foolkiller came equipped with a vaporizer gun and would smoke those whom he judged to be sinners, or living non-poetic, unworthy lives... or just FOOLS (depending on the incarnation's particular psychotic Raison d'être) - reducing them to piles of ash.

Imagine finding THAT on your windshield?
Well... at least it's not in "comic sans".
Then, he'd have to kill his typesetter, printer and himself.

The ominous calling card that the Foolkiller would give to his intended victims a full day BEFORE he would kill them... unless they were able to prove themselves to NOT be fools and thus save their lives.
(Pop Quiz: Guess how many successfully did so?... Yup. Not many.)

Oh, crap.  I used wikipedia as an actual "resource"... does that make ME a fool?
I think it might.

Good thing I'm not really here today, or I'd be toast.

HAPPY (or not-so-happy) APRIL FOOLS to you all!


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Oh man, I so have to read those comics!

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