Monday, April 12, 2010

Original Comic Artwork
(2nd in a series)
"Secret Defenders" - 1993

A few days ago (in a post seen [HERE]) I showed a little "mathematical equation" featuring a two-image teaser of Doctor Strange and Man-Thing as drawn by yours-truly.

That teaser was to hint at the contents of this post, which, while more revealing, is in itself but a teaser of the real content that can be found on my other - art blog - the MIDNIGHT IMAGES blog - found at this link ([HERE] - or click the Midnight Images logo at the end of this post).

Now, before you get upset at my shunting you onto my other blog (which is really the proper place for my artwork - like my Doctor Strange - Wizard magazine cover art samples that I presented here only a few days ago [HERE]), I will ask you...

How can you NOT want to know what the heck is going on with THESE image samples?

* click images to make more... "strange" *

Yeah... that's right.

Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man in my very own "Secret Defenders" story.

It's odd. It's twisted. It's touching.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be glad you clicked this link for my "MIDNIGHT IMAGES" blog.

Are you still here?

What are you waiting for?
Go check out the FULL 11-page story art over at my MIDNIGHT IMAGES art blog!


For ALL of the installments in this series, visit these links:


Tamam Shud!


mike fox said...

hey these are terrific! i love your man-thing, very stylized, yet still traditional. kudos. and the quality of your doctor strange goes without saying, no kidding, very cool stuff.

~P~ said...

Well, thank you for the kind words.
Did you go over to the Midnight Images site to see the whole 11-page story?

If not, you haven't seen the best of it yet!

Feel free to write nice things over there as well.
I could use the ego boost.

Kidding... you can write bile-fueled hate-comments there if you want.
I'm cool with criticism.


Daza said...

Nice work!

Hey - your e-mail address is bouncing

~P~ said...


You mean its sending stuff BACK to you?

I just tested it and it's working fine.

The one for THIS blog is:

Feel free to write.


~P~ said...

And I'm still wondering why people are leaving their comments on this blog instead of the Midnight Images blog where the full work is being showcased?

Not that I don't appreciate the feedback - wherever it is left, but I was just wondering why the other site isn't getting the comments.

(And yes, negative criticism is cool if anyone wants to lambaste me. I'm cool with that too. The work is 17 years old, anyway. I'm better than that now. - I hope.)

Either way. It's ok.


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