Monday, April 19, 2010

Original Comic Artwork
(3rd in a series)
"Doctor Strange" - 1989


As I have done a few times this month, today's post showcases some (really) old comic art of my very own.


For ALL of the installments in this series, visit these links:


Today's entry is a 6 page "Doctor Strange" submission sample that I had "written" (a plot only) and penciled waaaay back in 1989 (although, it might have been drawn in 1988... I'm not 100% certain of the date/year).

As for the content of this post, I'll only show a few teaser images here... instead linking to my other ART blog (the Midnight Images blog) to show the full pages and the story breakdown (which can be found [HERE] - or click the Midnight Images logo at the end of the post).

However, I will confess that it was even critiqued, in person, by Stan "the Man" Lee himself.
I'll spill the beans on that little tidbit on over at the the Midnight Images blog (now you GOTTA click over there, right?).

It's a quick little hit-and-run story, making sure to touch upon most of the big players in the Doctor Strange mythos:

Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, Clea, Dormammu, Eternity and a brief appearance by Nightmare.

It's "Atmospheric".
It's "Pan-Dimensional".
It's "touching".
(And not just because Doc and Clea embrace, kiss and end up in bed. *)
* (although, since it's not an official "story" I couldn't rightly include it into the "Clea Loves Sex" series)

Are you still here?
What are you waiting for?
Go check out the FULL 6-page story art over at my MIDNIGHT IMAGES art blog!

Tamam Shud!


Holly said...

Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE your Dr. Strange style. I think he's spot on, and so, so much better than the artwork today. Why don't they have you draw them?!?! ;D I think its really how stylized he is. Tall, dapper, etc. He fits the persona so well.

Seriously, I'm inspired, beautiful drawings.

~P~ said...

Many Thanks, Holly!

While I appreciate the positive comments (and truly cherish critiques from fellow artists, such as yourself) this is VERY old work.

This post has the samples from 1989, a previous post had work from 1993 and another from 2000.

None of this is any indication of my current levels, but shine as an example of where I was artistically at those times in my life.
I cringe looking at them now, as all the horrid mistakes and flaws leap out at me, but I'm also filled with some moments of still (secretly) liking some aspects of these old samples.

I'll be showing a few more (older still) examples of "Strange" art as I continue this series of posts.

I hope you stick around for all of them.

(BTW, did you happen to follow the links to my "Midnight Images" art blog?
That's where I am showing the COMPLETE works - not just these single panel samples.)

Either way, thanks for taking the time to comment.


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