Sunday, February 21, 2010

...And now a word from DOOM!
Episode IV


Dr Doom once more takes a moment from his busy schedule of planning world domination to impart one word of his magnificent wisdom upon us all.

What shall he say today? *


Sadly, DOOM reveals his inner shame at being reduced to a "BRAND" and shows but a SMALL sample of the merchandise that bears the name and visage of... DOOM!

Those are but a sample of the MANY Dr Doom related articles in my collection, and those two are up for sale on the ol' ebay account - as of this posting (but they'll be gone before too long).

Unfortunately, already having been sold off in month's past are a few other Dr. Doom related items. The most awesome of which was the full-sized Bowen Designs statue (Doom standing atop his castle turret).

(click to make LATVERIAN in size)

as seen in this old "sales pitch post" [HERE]

Yup... Doom IS a megalomaniac, and I guess as such, he expects to have his likeness on many household items...
Check out a previous "Word from DOOM" post to see some others:
A figural MUG as well as a fictional Latverian NOG.
That post [HERE]

But still, it must shame him slightly that such items are being made for mere money and not to further his glory.


(camera work of DOOM by Mrs. Doom)


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