Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving Veneration to "THE ANCIENT ONE"



the undisputed "Aged Ghengis" of comics-blogging (and Doctor Strange fan of "Eternity"-levels) shares his incredible
on the interwebs!

( His OWN 10-Year Post - [HERE] )

One of the very first comic blogs that I ever discovered (both because it WAS one of the FIRST comic blogs - as well as - how could I NOT discover a blog about Doctor Strange?!?) Neilalien has shown time and again how it is done.

When I was first stumbling my way through the net, nascent and incomprehensive to its workings, while spouting opinions on message boards, I was all the while dreaming of having the ability to do more than that.
That is because I would visit Neilaien's blog daily.
(Some times, multiple visits on the same day.)

But no matter how many times I would hit his site in a week, I was always grateful that it was there.
"Why can't I do this?"; I would think.
Knowing that I had the knowledge of my favorite characters and enough awesome swag to showcase, I knew that one day I would follow in Neilalien's path.

However, in those early years I had relocated several times, changed jobs even more so, and was in my early years of married life, so I was a man without time.
Aside from that, I was also a man with almost no understanding of the workings of the net.
"One day"... "One day, I'll be able to get to it. But there's no rush. Neilalien is all any Doc fan really needs."

So, I contented myself to being a frequent commenter on others' sites (and boards) giving lengthy diatribes on all-things Strange, but never to the extent of having it be on my turf.
Never to the degree of excellence of Neilalien.

Eventually, after being a few years at a job that allowed for more "stable" time-frames, and a new home where I could display my collection, I was convinced to just "Do it" and start blogging.

I did so knowing all the while that I was but a recent traveler to a far distant world where Neilalien had long ago set up his domain.

I'm no longer in possession of the job that allowed such levels of "stable" free time (the collapse of the world economy kneecapped me - along with far too many others on the planet).
My collection has never fully been set up to my liking (SO very close to being finalized, but too many events in the "real" world blocking that from happening).
And as these things are wont to happen, my blogging has been curtailed considerably.

However, I was given a piece of advice from the wise Neilaien in my early months, when I was burning the blogger bandwidth with near daily epic posts...
he wisely told me that I could just blog when I had the time.

There was no need for me to publish daily.
And no need to publish a novel each time.

So, while I am not a burning brazier of blogging presently, instead of flaming out entirely, I am merely a flickering candle for the time being.
But as the Ancient One taught Dr. Strange - the way to effectively and safely navigate travelling through time, a flickering candle is all that is required to anchor you and be your guide.

It does bother me a little that I can not, as of this time, blog to the degree that I have the urge, but because of Neilalien's steady pace and wise philosophies, I understand that what I do manage is OK.
In the meanwhile, I still visit Neilelien's blog daily (or near daily) - and so should you (as if my constant hyperlinks to Neilalien's site weren't enough of a clue)!

Many thanks to Neil for his blog, his dedication, his encouragement and his fine example.

He reminds me daily, that I have so much to learn.
As a true "Ancient One" would.


Neilalien said...

Thanks, Sanctum! When it comes to encyclopedic Doctor Strange knowledge, you are the Book of Vishanti. The ten years would have been impossible without you.

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