Monday, February 22, 2010


While it may sound like the sales-pitch of a cereal-selling Leprechaun; "MAGICAL TREASURES" are indeed up for sale!

While most items sold, others did not.
So, if you missed out on them the first go-round, I'll be relisting them soon.
If you want to bypass the whole eBay thing entirely, drop me a line.
email addy :

Once again we here at the Sanctum have tossed some great collectible goodies up on eBay, some are from the outskirts of my own personal collection (items that I was going to add to my own "Sanctum Sanctorum"), but have decided that they would be better served in others' hands (and the cash, in mine).

We've passed on the "auction" format this time around, focusing instead on the store-type of "Buy-It-Now", so it's "First-come, First-served".
There are one or two auctions, but most are straight-up "Stuff for Sale!"

First, the linky to the sales is below:

My items on eBay

(which can also be found on the sidebar - a little under my photo)
We ship Worldwide and try to combine shipping costs whenever possible.

*Update Note: Items are ALREADY selling off! - I've marked them accordingly*

Stuff from many of the first waves of MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD figures:
  • ANT MAN (loose but never removed from package -&- Very Hard to Find) - sold!
  • INVISIBLE WOMAN & DR DOOM (crazy rare)
  • HUMAN TORCH and the SILVER SURFER (insanely rare)
  • THING and NAMOR (pretty darn rare) - sold!
  • HULK and WASP (rare)

as well as MARVEL LEGENDS figures:
  • BLACK BOLT - Mint in Pack (super rare)
  • DR. DOOM - Mint in Pack (ultra rare from the Fantastic Four / Ronan BAF series) - sold!
  • PSYLOCKE - Mint in Pack (Foreign Variant)
  • LONGSHOT - Mint in Pack

LOOSE Marvel Legends figures:
  • BARON ZEMO - sold!
  • DEATHLOK - sold!
  • LUKE CAGE - POWER MAN - sold!
  • FALCON complete with Redwing - sold!
  • MOLE MAN (really rare) - sold
  • Marvel Legends FACE-OFF DAREDEVIL figure (really hard to find) - sold!

Also 12inch MARVEL ICON figure:
  • DR. DOOM - MiP

and more!

If these don't float your boat, don't worry...
since I can't seem to find worthwhile employment, I vow to have stuff up there every week or two!

However, since unemployment laws state that I could lose my benefits if I even lift a finger to perform anything even remotely resembling "work" (whether it pays or not) while I am searching for a job, I have been letting my wife take care of all the sales aspects to this endeavor.

With a 30+ year collection, there's bound to be something to suit everyone's tastes:
Posters, Out of Print Trade Paperbacks, Graphic novels, books, toys, action figures, t-shirts, promotional materials and swag, and more - oh, yeah... tons of comics too... she's devoted to becoming "Sanctum Sanctorum Comix" the super-seller store!

Oh, and look for original artwork soon as well.
I'll be showcasing some of those here soon (gotta scan a bunch today).

Thanks for any support!

Your pal,


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