Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strange Loves - Revisited


I don't usually re-use content here on the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog... sure, I'll occasionally point to an older post while in the body of a new post... but this time, I will make an exception.

"Take a message, Wong. Clea is about to take some "dictation"!"

Last year, I posted an exhaustive, complete run-down of every love in the life of Doctor Strange.
Presented to you in order of their appearances IN HIS LIFE (not in publication history).

It has been updated a few times since it was first posted, so there might be content that readers from a year ago may not have read.

Like some updates which include THIS pic of Megan Fox!

By the MOONS of Munipoor! Hotcha!!

So... click this link [HERE] to be transported back in time to that post, and enjoy rekindling those old memories... or ignite some new ones.


Anonymous said...


Love your blog. Hard to find anyone who blogs about Dr. Strange. Was a big fan of the Roger Stern/Paul Smith era of Strange despite how short it was.

Currently added your feed on Chrome Feedly with other sites I check out. Take care and keep up the great work!


~P~ said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jay.

There ARE a few Doctor Strange related sites out there.

Of course, the grand-pappy of them all is

(I consider myself a good # 2 or # 3)

A great Doctor Strange site is one by Erik Elzenaar:
DR STRANGE... Sorcerer Supreme

That place is insane with great info.

Another good place for Dr. Strange and the DEFENDERS info is:

There is always something good there for the Doc-fan.

Another place for good Strange info is my old stomping-grounds at the

It's where I cut my teeth on "blogging" by posting thousands of informative and "SANCTUM-onious" posts.
I don't really post much there anymore, but if you search the past history with the keywords of
"Sanctum Sanctorum Comix"
you'll find YEARS of amazingly detailed (and endlessly wordy) posts from myself.

Still, even without my input, it's a swell place.

But, hey... even though my blogging HERE has slowed to a trickle, I'm not done yet.
So, come back and see us here again.

Good luck and enjoy!

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