Monday, October 5, 2009

Since STRANGE left, the place has turned into a BROTHEL!

After a few years of having famed blogger Chris Sims (of The-ISB) constantly reviewing the insanely bad issues of TAROT : Witch of the Black Rose, I confess I finally succumbed and checked out an issue.

The COVER is the most tasteful part of the entire comic!

The newest issue (# 58) of Jim Balent's opus (self-published by his BroadSword imprint) held one unexpected delight for me hidden among it's many overinflated boobs and ludicrous crotchshots.

And that is, that Doctor Strange seems to have rented out the Sanctum Sanctorum (or at least it's designer) to these nekkid witch ho-bags.

Check it out. Clicking image makes pic DDD!

Naughty Bits have been obscured (by me) for the young and impressionable who may visit this all-ages site.

When TAROT and her evil sister; RAVEN arrive back into the inner sanctum of some magician/librarian (/friend of the artist due to the specifics of the likeness in the drawing of the man), it seems his window shares some mystic design with that of the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange.
i.e.; The WINDOW.

While I have no further intent to pick up Tarot : Witch of the Black Rose (because it is just as bad as Sims has professed), I am happy at the serendipity which caused me to get this one issue.


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