Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Pins and Needles
- or -
Voodoo or Voodon't : which will it be?


Just another quick blog post today.

This time, I'm providing links to three entries from and an interview / discussion with writer Rick Remender about his take on Brother / Doctor Voodoo in his upcoming series; DOCTOR VOODOO: AVENGER OF THE SUPERNATURAL.

A three part interview series, it can be found at these links:


Mentioned in the articles:

- DR STRANGE's role as tutor!
- The "Lost Spirits of SHUMA GORATH"!
- Doctor Doom gets the EYE of AGAMOTTO!
- Voodoo will use necromantic aspects of magic which Strange avoided!
- Cool new uses for magick in the Marvel Universe!

...And More!

Here is some artwork from the article / issues by series artists,
Jefte Palo and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

Consultation of the Doctors.

Voodoo's Scrying Stones watchdog station.
(eagle eyed observers will notice MAN-THING being scryed in the stone to the far left, from his turn with the Midnight Sons / Zombies.
Also, Son of Satan, Hood, Ghost Rider, Dracula, Punisher vs Hood, and Marvel Zombies.
Looks like Doctor Voodoo has the recent mystic upheaval under observation!)

While Dr Strange is looking rather bloated and "strangely" Germanic in facial appearance...
(I mean that mustache alone screams "Baron Bomburst"!), the artwork seems alright thus far. Perhaps not what I would readily imagine for a work dealing with Voodoo/ Supernatural stuff, but, while there are more page samples at the links above, there isn't a lot to develop an accurate opinion just yet.

I'm sure there will be MORE info on the series before it's October 7th release.
However, I for one am quite anxious to see what progresses from all this.

On "pins and needles" if you will.


Anonymous said...

Doctor Strange does look a little odd.

I prefer him with that lean semi asiatic look over this jowled block of a face.
The artist seems to be running with the germanic theme, as Strange's collar has been changed from his more standardish turn down to a higher and more starched type, and his chest symbol has been altered so that the side arms now come to points giving an general appearance that's not too far removed from a maltese cross.

Dr Strange might be old fashioned, but this is going over the top!

~P~ said...

Personally, I have always preferred the "starched" upturned collar for Strange.

It's what he had for 30 years of his appearances - with a few exceptions:

Bill Everett gave him a turtleneck of sorts

Gene Colan sometimes removed the collar completely

90's artists started drawing it as a folded down (dress shirt type) collar

But the upturned, starched collar is what he had predominantly throughout his printed "career".

I'll admit, it wasn't THIS starched looking.
This is completely straight up and stiff.

Still, I do like it.


The demon symbol on his chest has also been drawn in many different styles.
This isn't too different than many others.

No one gets it more "right" than guys like Marshal Rogers and Michael Golden (inspired by some of Steve Ditko's works) showing it as a winged demon with eyes.

My "Germanic" comment dealt more with his face and appearance, but I can see where this style of tunic DOES indeed blend into a similar style as how you describe.

We're BOTH in 100% agreement on the fact that this version of Strange looks like an old beermeister.

At least there's no lederhosen.

Anonymous said...

I was working by memory alone but after checking I see You're quite right.
Ditko had him with a starched (or at least free standing) collar, but it wasn't closed at the throat.

I really have little problem with the costume change. but that face and mustache. argh.

Sadly, we won't see any more work from Marshal Rogers.

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