Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DORMAMMU! by Bowen
An Idol Pursuits post

A visitor to the blog sent me an email with a little bit of news;
BOWEN DESIGNS (those of the uber cool Marvel statues and such) are producing a bust of the DREAD DORMAMMU!

This pic is the one sent by AL, the owner of STATUEMARVELS site, and as such retains his watermark.
That link will bring you directly to the post about the Dormammu piece.

From what I can ascertain, Randy Bowen (or at least a worker under his name) sent the StatueMarvels site in progress shots of the sculpture being worked up by Jeremy Lloyd.

Nice to see some more love being paid to the magical side of Marvel.
Dormammu is a no-brainer since he was featured in practically EVERY Marvel Comic for the past two years.

Thanks Al.
Everyone should pay a visit to his site.

(Now I just have to start saving money by recycling cans so I can buy the statue)


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