Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yet ANOTHER SuperHero Squad UPDATE!
With DOCTOR STRANGE design drawings and video!
A "Magic of Video" post

With DOCTOR STRANGE in there - on far left end...
a new promo image / screen grab of the "Squaddies".

While I am not crazy about my lack pf posting here as of late, I am equally less-than-enthused about the fact that one of the FEW things that I AM blogging here is the SuperHero Squad animated series.

Personally, after watching the first few episodes, I found it so moronic that it stupified even my inner-child's brain.
Really. For the most part, it's not funny.
(OK, I chuckled a few times here and there. I mean KLAW dressed as a PIMP? That was kinda funny. But in a nonsensical way.)

Yes, yes... I KNOW it's a "kiddie" show and probably isn't targeted to 40-something male adults (unlike the majority of all of Marvel's output)... however, it is there, and as such, is a fan's mountain to climb.

However, with the 4th episode it seems to have stepped up a notch.
While still predominantly unfunny (most humor is aimed as low as possible - although there IS a nice dig at STORM's horrid dialogue from the first X-MEN movie - i.e; "What happens when a Toad is hit by lightning?"), hope doth spring eternal, and knowing that Doctor Strange is going to be featured on this show soon, I have high hopes for at least a turning point wherein the show becomes watchable.

My eagerness to blog about it (and give extra exposure to the show - you're welcome, Marvel) is purely due to the fact that this show delves deeply into the corners of the Marvel Universe and pulls out some wonderful nuggets of esoteric character gold!

Watching a new preview clip (which I'll add to this post) I saw quite a few 9th tier Marvel characters being given the limelight. Screaming Mimi - in her pre-Songbird incarnation and costume!?! Cool! And THAT is truly awesome! For that alone, I feel I should recommend the show. Sure, it HAS to have the ubiquitous, overmarketed Wolverine on the team, but to be able to showcase losers like KLAW and the RingMaster and the Circus of Crime? All is forgiven.

Also, there IS some exceptional design work, here and there.
I can always be swayed a bit by good design.

So, before I run on even further, allow me to showcase some design artwork for DR STRANGE and post the clip of the new teaser trailer here as well.

First, the DOCTOR STRANGE design sketches.

Note: They are updated, and the updates seem to be the inclusion of the high-backed cowl on the Cloak of Levitation, and the removal of the lower "skirt" portion of his tunic (to keep it in style with his Squad figure).

Also note: All of these works are Copyrighted by Marvel and I stake zero claim to any of them.
I am merely sharing them with anyone who may have interest in the show (these and more design drawings are found at marvel.com) . Hopefully the new Disney-owned Marvel will grok free press.

I like the style and overall seriousness that is attributed here to (most of) Doctor Strange's stances and character.

Readers of this blog will note that the colored versions of two poses from these two pages was shown in a previous post [HERE]. And the Doc-in-flight pose was used prominantly in the show's opening sequence (video of which was also shown in that previous post).

This NEXT sketch is sadly, not one that I'd like to see explored further, primarily because it seems to try at an attempt to poke fun at the "Strangeness" of Dr. Strange's name.

Unless this story was written by Steve Gerber before his untimely passing, I have little interest in "Strange Dr. Strange".

It would seem that this was an early draft idea, and has hopefully been left on the idea-cutting-room floor.

Now, for those who have waited patiently, here is the new preview trailer:
Doctor Strange is shown as a serious player. I'm not 100% sure about the "Rainbow Bright" effect that he has when using his magic, but it could have been far worse (as "Strange Dr. Strange" will attest).

Dormammu shown at .34 seconds
Doctor Strange VS Enchantress at 1.00
Doc in the crowded rush scene (as shown at top the blog post) at 1:06
Silver Surfer vs a Mindless One at 1:16


googum said...

I caught a second of the Strange episode, and it was pretty silly: I think the good Doctor had lost part of his mind there for a minute, so he was loopy even for that show.

And happy blogiversary!

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