Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to all who appear at the door of the Sanctum Sanctorum

Just a quick "Thank you" and "Welcome to the Sanctum" to those who are being directed here from other sites.
Several new digital signposts have been erected that seem to be in response to the recently completed *Marvel Calendars* "TIME WARP" series!

Part I - The "Classic" Marvel Calendars -
Part II - The "Modern" Marvel Calendars -
Part III - The 1980 Occult World of Doctor Strange calendar -


The Official George Perez website has showcased the series (and the Perez-drawn image from the 1980 calendar) - HERE.


The wonderful Pop Culture Safari has once again honored my efforts with a shout-out. HERE

Many thanks to the proprietor for the exposure.


The Official Mike Allred board has taken a shine to his entry for the 1997 calendar.
Their appreciation can be found HERE.


And, lastly (but certainly NOT least) the mighty Neilalien casts his Eye of Agamotto to the series as well - HERE.


So, once again. A wholehearted "welcome" to new all visitors of this blog.
And a sincere "Thank you" for the referrals and appreciation.

Glad you could make it.
Come back again soon.


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