Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A picture (or two) is worth a thousand exclamations of delight!

How can something so minor make me so happy?

In reply to my LAST post (about the subtle nature of Doctor Strange's involvement in this "MARVELS : Eye of the Camera" series) my friend Howard Hallis emailed me and mentioned the pic of Doc at the END of the issue (issue # 2).

I had totally forgotten that I had seen that, because I was so damned pleased about the RABBIT thing, that I neglected to mention it in yesterday's post.

Good thing too, because when I went to get the pic just now I took another look at that panel and also saw...
DOCTOR STRANGE & MAN-THING are both hidden away in this title.

click pic to zoom in.

Man-Thing is seen at the very top center of the page (behind the Daredevil & Iron Man pics).
Dr. Strange is seen to the far right of the page, in a pic obviously taken after he made the "House of Shadows" disappear
(from Strange Tales v1 # 120 - and mentioned in this blog in this old post HERE).

Kurt Busiek & Jay Anacleto are making me a happy fanboy thus far.
I don't need to have Doc (or Manny) front and center all the time.

Would I LIKE to see Strange in a more meaty role in this book?
Well... SURE.
But, sometimes a good, well-placed and purposefully hidden cameo is more than enough.

Also, there's something to be said for the child-like joy of finding hidden treasures like this. Almost like Christmas. Or finding an Easter Egg (a mossy, muck-encrusted mockery of an egg, that will burn you... but that's neither here nor there).

I'd love to have some more "urban legend", "
boogie-men" type of appearances for these two characters.
Sure beats "deus ex machina" and "plot device" any day.

Thanks again Kurt & Jay
(and Howard)!


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