Thursday, January 29, 2009

Important News Bulletin :

I'm taking a quick break from the current series of posts to feature a MAN-THING appearance!
(Hey. They don't happen all that often.)

*click* to make monster-sized.
Kurt Busek & Jay Anacleto

Not exactly capturing Manny's "good side" there.
(I know Marvel - and comics in general - have been very prone to showcasing the "ass-shot", but this might not be the best usage of that angle.)

Image featuring (clockwise from top center):

- Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm) - the "Son of Satan"
[in St. Louis; Missouri]

- Morbius; the Living Vampire
[somewhere in New York]

- Dracula
[in Boston, Massachusetts]

- Man-Thing
[in the Everglades of Florida]

- Jack Russell; Werewolf-by-Night
[Los Angeles, California]

- Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider
[as part of the team; The Champions - in Los Angeles, California]
Note: Ghost Rider is portrayed in the wrong clothing.
He is drawn in the Danny Ketch "1990's" Ghost Rider's gear.

And just what the heck is Ghost Rider doing to the Werewolf?
Is he whipping the man-beast with that chain?
Who do you call to report that? The cops or the S.P.C.A.?

Besides the small costume goof, Jay Anacleto has been making this series look gorgeous and lovingly rendered.

Kurt Busiek's love for Marvel history and continuity shines!


Cully said...

My name's Cully. Just want to say I dig your site. Mike and I worked at Ralph's comic corner and continue our weekly friendship for 20 years. I catch your comments on his page and followed the link. I like it. I'm a huge Dr.Strange and Marvel monster fan. I own way too many comics and have read almost every silver and bronze age Marvel book. Keep up the great site. You've got a fan. On a personal note, Mike Ploog rules the 70's.

~P~ said...

Thanks, Cully.

I'm glad your enjoying my moronic little corner of the web.

Hopefully, you'll go check out some of the older posts. There's been some great stuff showcased here... with more to come.

Mike seems like a genuinely good guy.
His is a blog that I read faithfully every day.

Oh, and on a personal note: Mike Ploog rules (period).

Thanks again for the nice comment.

Cully said...

I'm absorbing your older posts...digging it. Curious if you liked the short lived Druid series by Ellis in the 90's. I just re-read it and remembered being pissed when they canceled it. Dr.Strange needs his own book done by someone that can push the bounderies of weird. Imagine a Doom Patrol era Morrison taking a shot at it. Or maybe Peter Milligan taking a crack at it. He's got a track record for the unusual. I just need more Dr.Strange in my life that's all. You're probably the most sympathetic ear to that cause on the web. I'm going back to reading your older posts, Cully

~P~ said...

That DRUID series was one of the BEST things Marvel ever produced.

Sadly, you aren't likely to see them take creative chances like THAT (read: very, very dark and "Vertigo") any time soon.

The worst part of that series was, that is was to continue directly into the Hellstrom series, in a scene wherein Daimon Hellstrom was to have invited Stephen Strange to a big feast (along with many of the other magical denizens of the M.U.) and when they were to lift the lid off of the serving tourine, underneath (with apple in mouth) was to be a dead and roasted DR. DRUID.

That was to lead the way to a magical schism between Strange and Hellstrom and a rise in the darker powers.

It was advertised that way in advanced previews and interviews, but sadly, was aborted before it ever saw print.

That pissed me off moreso than anything else.

I hated to see Druid DIE, but to lose such an impact (and instead, die a chump) was a worse blow.

I hope you enjoy the older posts.
If anything interests you, or you have any questions on anything, feel free to leave a comment at that particular item's post.

I get notifications whenever anyone leaves a comment, no matter how old the post.


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